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GTA4 Multiplayer

Ever since the beginning of 3D GTA games people have been eager to actually play each other in a version of online GTA Multiplayer. Never a group to sit around waiting the GTA fan base has time and time again set out to make their dreams a reality without the help of Rockstar itself.

This time, however, things will be different. Not only will Grand Theft Auto IV have online multiplayer but it will also contain more then 15 different modes with up to 16 players total at one time! What more could a GTA fan ask for?

Steal a helicopter and help out your team mates.

General Details

What do we know about the multiplayer features so far? Plenty of things actually that only serve to stoke the fires of anticipation for this game!

  • To load multiplayer simply open Niko?s cell phone and choose it from the menu.
  • Your online character is fully customizable online (sex, hair, clothing, race, accessories).
  • The visuals won?t look quite as good in multiplayer as they do in the standard game.
  • The host has several options to customize each online match.
    • In Race and GTA Race the host controls the types of vehicles used and the number of laps run.
    • In Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch the host decides how many pedestrians traffic spawns, which weapons can be used and even if player will be wanted by the police or not.
    • The host will also have control on things such as reticule width, gamertag display, weather type, day/night, and even the voice chat options.
  • The map used for multiplayer is the same map as used in the single-player game.
  • You can level up your character by collecting cash, either from killing other players or finding piles of cash scattered around the map. Ranks run from 0-10.
  • Weapon pick-ups are marked on the map, along with all other pick-ups.
  • If you crouch your name will disappear from the screen, while if you use cover or stand still long enough your dot on the map will vanish as well.
  • You can hold only one weapon at a time.
  • Sadly there is no replay mode.
  • There will actually be more then 15 multiplayer modes in the final game!
  • Both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will have exactly the same multiplayer features.

Nothing beats a good old stand-off with the cops.

Known Multiplayer Modes

Car Jack City
2-16 players

  • All around the city are spawned parked cars. Your job is to steal them and deliver them to a set point in the city. But be careful, the more damaged it is the less money you make. But if it's a special drug car it?ll be worth the same amount no matter what. The one with the most cash at the end wins!

Team Car Jack City
2-16 players (up to 8 teams of 2 players each)

  • Same as the other version except you?ll have a partner to work with when stealing the cars.

Cops N? Crooks
4-16 players (2 teams)

  • The players are split up into two teams, one playing as criminals and the other as the LCPD. There are two sub-modes for this:
    • In All for One mode one of the criminals is randomly assigned to be the ?boss? and his teammates must get him to the checkpoint before he is killed by the police.
    • In One for All mode there is no boss to protect...the goal is for the LCPD players to kill all of the criminal players before they reach the checkpoint.

2-16 players

  • A complete free-for-all. Kill everybody else on the map however you can as many times as you can!

Team Deathmatch
2-16 players (up to 8 teams of 2 players each)

  • Same as before except you?ll be working with another player to kill all of your opponents.

Free Mode
1-16 players

  • More or less the same as normal gameplay. Go where you want, do what you want. Fun times to be had here!

Hangman's NOOSE
2-4 players

  • A wanted mobster has landed at Frances International Airport. It?s your job to make sure he gets to the checkpoint alive and well, keeping him away from NOOSE (Liberty City?s SWAT Team).

Mafiya Work
2-8 players

  • In this game mode you work for Kenny Petrovic. Via your cell phone he?ll have you compete against the other players to kill the members of his hit list.

Team Mafiya Work
2-8 players (up to 4 teams of 2 players each)

  • Same as the other version except you?ll have a partner to work with on performing your assassinations.

1-16 players

  • A standard race mode. Race against other players, or the computer, on series of tracks throughout the city. There are two sub-modes for this:
    • In Free Race you race from the starting point to the finish point using whatever route you see fit.
    • In Cannonball Run you much drive through checkpoints to complete the race thus keeping you on a set path.

GTA Race
1-16 players

  • Same as before except now you can use weapons (such as Molotov cocktails and grenades) to knock your opponents out of the race.

Turf War
4-16 players (2 teams)

  • A timed capture-the-base more. Scattered around the city are bases. To take a base you simply have to stand on it for a short time, the more team members standing on a base the faster it's yours. But if any members of the other team are around you can't take over a base so you'll have to...dispose of them. The team with the most bases at the end of the game wins.

Unknown Multiplayer Modes

Bomb Da Base

Bomb Da Base II

Deal Breaker

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