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GTA4 Audio


  • The soundtrack will be music that fits the theme and mood, not just popular music from the time.
  • When walking down the street all sounds blend in with each other - murmured gossip, train sounds, cars music and squealing tires all blend together perfectly.
  • Rockstar North is currently working to implement something new based on the radio system. What it is? We have no idea.
  • Unlike other GTAs, IV will have a lesser known voice cast and music that isn't distinctly popular or obvious to the 2007 settings. Expect many unsigned bands or indies to show up.
  • When asked about custom soundtracks using your consoles hard drive, Dan Houser answered "Possibly".
  • There are over 100 radio commericals.
  • Recording took several weeks to complete, each day lasting 10 hours.

Artists and Songs

  • While driving through in the demo, Kikizo identified the song playing on the radio: Fela Kuti - Sorrow, Tears, and Blood.
  • Arm In Arm by The Boggs was the song in the second trailer.
  • Ruslana Lyzhicko has songs from her previous and latest album on IV.


  • Eastern European music.
  • East Coast Rap and old school Rock is said to be in the game.
  • International funk music.
  • 50's jazz music was playing in the car in a demo at E3.

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