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About GTA4.TV

GTA4.TV is a fansite for Rockstar Game's world famous franchise Grand Theft Auto. This specific website is based solely around Grand Theft Auto IV and contains all information and images which are available for the game.

The website originally started as a smaller splash website and production began on that on October 30th, 2006. The splash website was then released on December 13, 2006. During the time this splash site was up and running, work was on going behind the scenes for the full website, which after 6 months in the making, was released on August 23rd, 2007.

The website features a design brought together by Psy, Dunpeal, Cuda, PyroHazard, ctlfreak, Qdeathstar, punxtr and many other website staff. The site is also built with a backend content management system known as 'IVTV CMS' coded specifically from scratch for this website by Psy. This content management system assists the website staff to do all manner of things in order to keep the website up to date, including page creation, affiliate adding, image uploading and many other useful features.

The website will continue to grow over the coming months and new features will be added to the CMS in order to improve website visitors enjoyment. There are already some interesting features coded into the site, such as the banner rotation system which will load a new header banner for each day of the week.

Stay tuned to GTA4.TV for everything Grand Theft Auto 4!

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