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GTA4 Landmarks

Here you will find the GTA4 equivalents of many well known New York landmarks. If you hover your mouse over the images below you can see their real life equivalent. Landmarks are sorted by location then alphabet. If you notice any errors or would like to submit new locations, please email Qdeathstar at GTA4 dot tv or PM OptimumPx.

Please be patient while images load.

Manhattan Landmarks (Algonquin)

17 State Street

590 Madison Avenue

Battery Park

Bertelsmann Bldg

Chrysler Building

Conde Nast Bldg

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Doubletree Suites

Empire State Bldg

Financial Square

Flat Iron Bldg

GE Building

Grand Central Terminal


Hearst Tower

Helmsley Bldg

Laguardia Houses

Liberty Court

Metlife Bldg

Morgan Stanley Bldg

Municipal Bldg

New Victory Theater

One Astor Plaza

Paramount Bldg

Plaza Hotel

Simon & Schuster Bldg

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Times Square

Times Square Tower

UN Building

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

Woolworth Building

World Financial Center

Queens Landmarks (Dukes)

JFK International Airport

Long Island City Cola Sign

The Unisphere

World's Fair Towers

Brooklyn Landmarks (Broker)

Coney Island Boardwalk

Coney Island Parachute Jump

Coney Island Rollercoaster

Coney Island Wonder Wheel

Domino's Sugar Factory

The Shore Theater

New Jersey Landmarks (Alderney)

Erie Lackawanna Ferry Terminal

Exchange Place Center

National Newark Bldg

Newark Legal Center

Plaza 10 Bldg

Bridges and Islands

Brooklyn Bridge

Lincoln Tunnel

Manhattan Bridge

Roosevelt Island Lighthouse

Statue Of Liberty

Triborough Bridge East River Span

Triborough Bridge Harlem River Span

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