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GTA4 Vehicles

Stealing And Carjacking

  • The system of stealing PARKED cars is more complex and involves breaking the window, and hotwiring the engine before you can drive it. While hotwiring, Niko may also become suspicious, taking a moment to glance around, then going back to wiring the car. This animation can be seen in the Xbox 360 TV ad for the game.
  • Broken windows will get you noticed by the police very quickly in Liberty City.
  • Like other crimes, if a pedestrian sees you stealing a car, they may phone the police, giving you a one star Wanted Level moments later.

How The New Cars Drive

  • The camera angle in a car is closer, to show more of the detail in the car.
  • The cars will bend and curve with the weight of the vehicle when turning around a corner and will handle potholes with their suspensions.
  • All vehicles have new physics.
  • The environment when drivng cars is affected.
  • You can actually feel a cars bass and sound when you are walking down the street.
  • Weather will affect a cars handling.


  • There are no planes, but helicopters are included.
  • You can leave the ingnition turned on , so that when you leave the car the radio continues playing. This also lets you make a quick getaway, otherwise you have to go through the whole process of starting the engine all over again.
  • Helicopters have the ability to land on almost every building.
  • Niko can use taxis to get around. You can hail one at any time using the LB/L1 button. The police are much more vigilant in GTA IV, and sometimes it is less hassle using a taxi than jacking someone's car. The trip-skip option is available for convenience.
  • On the streets of Liberty City, there are recreations of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, BMWs, Ford Mustangs, garbage trucks, and many other well-known real life cars.
  • In addition to taxis, Niko can use the elevated train/subway network to move quickly arround the city. Brucie, one of your friends, can also take you to various places in Liberty City by helicopter when your friendship level is high enough.

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