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RAGE is Rockstar's new next-generation gaming Engine. The acronym is Rockstar's Advanced Game Engine. This is used in Rockstar Games Table Tennis released on the Xbox 360. Varied terrains and interactiveness are just a few of the features it includes.

  • New sunlight and weather effects have been implemented which can drastically change the appearance of the city at various times of day. The reflections given off by cars, glass and buildings is incredibly detailed and has never been seen in a previous Grand Theft Auto game before.
  • The game will use volumetric lighting effects which allow the sun to shine through open windows creating large rays of light, similar to that of the police helicopter spotlight.
  • Like most next-gen games, GTA4 will include bump mapping on it's textures, giving even more detail to the vastly revamped models.
  • Road and buildings are textured in a lot more detail and will not be as bland as those seen in previous games. You'll also see potholes in roads, some which are covered up with sheets of metal.
  • The inclusion of modern pixel shaders mean that most realistically shiny objects, such as water, car doors, mirrors and windows will produce reflections.
  • Inside a car you'll be able to see real reflections of what's behind you in the mirrors.
  • There are no more loading times, even when entering buildings. The game will take awhile to load initially, then will never need to load again.
  • Niko is so detailed that it isn't possible to change his appearance. He can wear different outfits, however changing his hair or weight isn't possible.
  • The city is smaller than GTA San Andreas, but is much more detailed. There are no wastes of space, such as the desert and countryside.

Better graphics mean bigger explosions!


Euphoria is a fully procedural animation system created by Natural Motion. It can be likened to Ragdoll Physics, however it effects everything in game from how Niko adjusts to walking up hills, to falling down drunk or a cars suspension as it turns quickly around a corner.

  • Different changes in the terrain will effect Niko's stance. He will realistically lean forward when walking up a hill.
  • The Euphoria engine allows for unique moments. Nothing is scripted, so running down two pedestrians could have completely different outcomes.
  • Characters and pedestrians will react much more realistically when hit with bullets or melee combat. A shot in the foot will take them off balance and can send them toppling down stairs.
  • Niko and other characters are able to push pedestrians out of their way.
  • Bodies will act realistically when thrown or when falling, with their arms flailing in the wind.
  • Players will be able to hang onto trucks and helicopters.
  • Niko actually feels like he has a weight to him. He actually runs instead of gliding along the street.
  • When walking, Niko automatically dropped his shoulders in order to squeeze past pedestrians walking on the pavement, and his footsteps and sense of balance adjusted to uneven patches of the street, as well as stairs and the rungs on the telegraph pole he climbed. As Niko continued descending a small hill further down the road, we noticed the way his weight seemed to shift backwards a little, as though he was saving himself from just pitching fowards and setting off into a run. He looked exactly like someone walking down a hill does.
  • Niko can climb many things that are climbable: ladders, fire escapes, poles.
  • Getting nudged by a slow moving car will likely result in an "I'm walkin' here" kind of reaction,whereas getting hit at top speed will see you dragged under the wheels, rolled up and over the bonnet or flung sideways - it all depends on what direction you were facing, the speed of the car, how fast you were walking, and so on.
  • Niko CAN swim and his motions are said to be lifelike and realistic.
  • Getting shot in the leg results in a limp. Shot in the head means death. Now, an enemy, as well as yourself, reacts to being shot, what they are shot with, and WHERE they are shot. Think of it like this: Shot in the stomach. With a shotgun. Next to a window. You would fall out of the window to your doom. Or this: Shot in the leg. With a pistol. On some stairs. You would tumble tumble tumble down each step of the stairs landing in a heap at the bottom.

Get shot in the head and get blown away.

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