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First Date

Pre Requisites
At some point after "Three's A Crowd" you'll receive a phone call from Michelle asking for a date. If you accept it and make your way to her apartment in the allotted time you'll have the chance to take her out on a date. As you arrive, Roman will call you and tell you that he's in trouble with the Albanians. You now have a choice. Save Roman, or go on the date. It doesn't actually make any difference what you choose because you'll have to do both of these missions anyway, however the phone call conversation after the mission will change depending on which way you go. If you ignore Roman, you'll end up having to pick him up from the hospital.

Once you arrive at Michelle's appartment you'll see a cutscene tutorial showing you the benefits of making friends in the game. You'll also become aware of the fact that you can't please everyone all at once.

Fun Fair
Michelle wants you to take her to the fun fair, so use your car and follow the GPS to the Carnival. Once you get there you'll discover it's closed, but Michelle fancies bowling instead, so drive towards the bowling alley.

Enter the door of the bowling alley and speak to the guy at the counter to start a game of bowling, then choose a lane and you can begin. The on screen instructions will explain how to bowl properly.

It doesn't matter who wins the game as long as Michelle has fun. She will, assuming you don't abuse her if she beats you! Try not to injure too many pedestrians when driving either, or she won't enjoy being with you and you'll fail the mission.

Once the game's over, get back to your car and take her home.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • Did you spot the bowling ball sign shaped like a cock or the e-cola advert? Plenty of funny stuff to see in the bowling alley.
  • Michelle is officially your girlfriend. You can call her to arrange more dates.
  • To have a much greater chance of getting a strike when bowling, first of all take two full steps to the left. Then put in the power on the ball using your right stick. Pull back on the stick for 1 second, then push forward after 1 second. The ball will slowly roll towards the pins, but if you pushed forward straight enough, you'll most likely get a strike.

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First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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