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Paper Trail

Eventually you'll get a call from U.L. Papers, who will tell you that the helicopter is ready. You need to head to the salvage yard off Grummer Road and meet Little Jacob.

Flying High
Grab a vehicle and make your way there now. Once you arrive you'll be told to get into the helicopter. You'll already find Jacob in there, so jump in. A custscene will display showing the target helicopter. You need to follow it, and take it down when the opportunity arises.

Algonquin Air Chase
Take off in the chopper and follow the target helicopter, marked by the red dot on your GPS. It will weave in and out of the sky scrapers, then eventually fly under one of the bridges and head out to sea. Jacob will need to you line the helicopter up at the same height as the one you're chasing and hold it steady so her can fire an RPG at it. Once you get it lined up, he'll hit after a few attempts, and you can watch the beautiful explosion.

Once it's down, Jacob wants you to take him back to the helipad, so make your way to the yellow dot on the GPS.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $7500


Mission Tips

  • After the mission, you can keep the helicopter and fly around the city if you like.
  • U.L. Papers will call Niko and tell him that they will search for the man he is looking for, and call back when they have something.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 30th Apr 2008

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