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Undress To Kill

Dwayne is depressed and can't stop dwelling on what he's lost in the past. He lost a gentleman's club in Bohan to some gangsters and he wants you to help him get it back.

To The Strip Club!
Grab a vehicle, or call for a taxi and make your way to the Strip Club in Bohan. Approach the club and head inside. Once inside you'll be told to eliminate the three managers. You can find out who the managers are by listening into their conversations.

Manager #1
The first manager is in the office to the left, counting his money. It's best if you kill him with a melee weapon, such as a bat or a knife. The guards will hear you shoot if you use a gun, then you'll be constantly attacked, so it's best to take out this guard silently.

Manager #2
The next manager is to the back-left of the club, standing talking to a stripper about his name. There are plenty of bodybuards in this area, so either way, attacking him is going to lead to a pretty heated gun fight. My advice would be to walk past the bar so that you can see directly down to the exit at the other end of the strip club, and then take out the second manager from here, as well as the armed guards in the strip club's main area.

Manager #3
The final manager is in one of the back rooms having a lap dance, although once all of the shooting has started, he'll most likely try to escape out of the back door. If you've been waiting near the bar, you may be able to take him out as he runs through the door, otherwise, you'll need to run outside after him and get a car, then chase him through the streets. Fill his car with bullets and eventually he'll go down in a fireball.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $6250


Mission Tips

  • There are various ways to do this mission, so you can read some of the submissions below for some extra advice.
  • It's is vitally important that you fill up on health and armour before starting this mission. I'd also strongly suggest you grab some extra AK-47 ammo, and possibly a grenade or two.
  • Taking cover in the main strip club area is necessary for your survival.
  • There should be a Coquette parked outside for you to chase after the final manager with.
  • Grab the shotgun from the first manager's office for some extra ammo.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 30th Apr 2008

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