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The Cousins Bellic

After watching the introduction to the game where Niko and his fellow immigrants climb off the Platipus ship that brought them into Liberty City, Roman has arrived to collect you. He's very happy to see you and annoys a bunch of construction workers at the docks because he won't shut up. Roman's also been drinking, so he's not exactly in the right condition to drive, so it's over to you. Once you're in his car, you'll need to drive him back to his 'mansion'.

To The Mansion
Follow the yellow marker on the radar. This is your GPS and will direct you to the location you need to be at. If you go off course it will automatically update. The default route on the GPS is the fastest legal route, however going illegal, such as down one way streets may turn out to be quicker. Take the short journey to his mansion then watch the cutscene as he shows you around.

Save Your Game
After he leaves, you'll be shown how to save the game by sleeping on the bed. This will advance time by 6 hours. Once that's over you can explore the room and watch the TV, or head downstairs and outside.

Park A Car
Once outside you'll find out how to store vehicles. You can save vehicles for further use by parking them in the parking space in front of the house. This is the case with all safe houses further in the game.

You'll also learn how to buy food from hot dog vendors to increase your health. A hot dog will cost $5.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • Run completely forward from the entrance to the building, and you'll find a baseball bat lying next to the building opposite.

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First Posted: 27th Apr 2008

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