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Was It Worth It?

Johnny will speak to Ray, who pulls a gun on him and forces him into the basement. He knows about the money you just stole from him. Jim's already down there getting blowtorched in the face. Eventually Jim cuts himself free with a boxcutter and Jim and Johnny escape, but not before Jim slits the blowtorch guy's throat.

Talk To Ashley
Jim heads off to get the guys, and Johnny says he needs to talk to Ashley. Grab a vehicle and make your way over to the lost HQ. Ashley will call you and tell you that Ray's sent some guys after you. They've come to assassinate you, so you need to survive and take them out.

Setting Up An Ambush
You'll get a text from Jim telling you to call Clay, so do it. He'll tell you to lead the Mafia guys over to an area where your Lost buddies are waiting to help out.

Make your way to the ambush. Once you get there, climb the ladder and wait for the Mafia to arrive. Take cover behind the small wall, and if you have any, prepare to use your pipe bombs. These work brilliantly here. Wait for the cars to arrive, then toss a pipe bomb at them and watch them go boom. If the mafia guys are too far away on foot then use a machine gun or SMG to take them out.

Once they're all gone, you'll need to head back down the ladder and make your way over to the Lost club house where you'll find Ashley waiting.

Ashley tells you that Jim was killed in action, and that Billy is planning to bring you down too. She suggests seeking help from Congressman Stubbs.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • Pipe bombs are ideal for taking out the mafia cars if you head to the ambush with Clay and Terry.
  • The Mafia drop tons of money, so if you can, try to grab it before it disappears.
  • After the mission you'll get a call from Stubbs himself unlocking a new mission for him at the Lost club house.

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First Posted: 19th Feb 2009

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