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Heavy Toll

Elizabeta wants you and Malc to take out some thiefs who have been causing her bother.

We'll Take The Car...
Once the gang is in the car (yes, car!), you'll need to make your way to the toll booths above Charge Island. On the way, you'll hear the guys talking about a new weapon, the street sweeper, which you've obviously just been given for this mission from Elizabeta.

Pull into the mission marker and a cutscene will start where Johnny and the guys take over the toll both. Once that's over, wait in cover for the convoy to arrive. I suggest waiting until the actual van with the merchandise is waiting at the barrier, then use your street sweeper to kill the two guys in the vehicle. All hell will break loose, so you'll need to run around the bridge blasting the hell out of all of the enemies with your street sweeper. Enjoy the sound and feel of the gun as it rips through their bodies like a knife through butter.

Once they're all dead, get in the slamvan. Now you'll need to escape the cops. I suggest driving back towards Bohan and losing them there. I'm sure you've had enough experience losing cops in GTA4, so I don't need to cover how to do this. Once you're free of the cops, take the van to the garage under the semi-constructed bridge and leave it there.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1000


Mission Tips

  • Use the street sweeper to annihilate everybody.
  • Lose the cops in Bohan so you've got less distance to drive to make the drop off.

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First Posted: 19th Feb 2009

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