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Buyer's Market

Elizabeta tells you that there's a drug deal going down with some guy named Charlie and you'll be working with Playboy X, and some Slavic guy...

Brian's Got The Stuff
After the cutscene, which may remind you of a mission in Niko's story... You'll need to head to see Brian to get the heroin for the deal. He's waiting in Dukes, so grab your bike and get over the bridge to meet him. Brian whinges about him not being the one trusted with selling the stuff, but Johnny tells him everyone else would rob him like the little pussy that he is.

The Meet
After the cutscene, you'll need to make your way to the building where the meeting is taking place. It's only a few blocks away, so make your way there. Once you arrive, you'll be told to head up to the third floor, so go inside and climb the stairs.

You'll have to wait for Niko and Playboy X to arrive.

Freeze Mother Fucker!
As you may have been expecting, the deal goes bad when Johnny starts to suspect Charlie is acting weird. After the cutscene is over you'll need to fight your way down and out of the building, past the numerous cops all over the place. There's some body armour in one of the bedrooms which might prove useful.

Move downstairs and clear out the cops inside and outside of the building as you go. I always suggest using the automatic pistol and aiming for the head. Once you're outside, you'll need to grab a vehicle and escape the probable 3 star wanted level.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • You may remember this mission from Niko's story, however you're now playing it from Johnny's perspective.
  • Don't forget to grab the body armour from one of the bedrooms in the apartment.
  • There's a shotgun at the bottom of the stairs if you really need it.
  • There's a back door that you can use to escape the building instead of the front door. You can find the door right next to said shotgun. This is a much easier method of escaping the cops.
  • After the mission, you'll get a call from Billy unlocking a mission for Mr Stubbs.

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First Posted: 18th Feb 2009

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