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Stevie's Text Message Cars

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Alderney Cars

Text: The rich fuck who owns this Turismo never parks it in the garage. His place is over on Owl Creek Ave, in Westdyke.
Reward: $36,300

Text: This Cavalcade is somewhere near the Westdyke Memorial Hospital in Leftwood.
Reward: $23,100

Text: Get me this Cognoscenti from Alderney City.
Reward: $29,700

Text: You'll find this Sentinel parked by the docks in Normandy.
Reward: $8,250

Text: This Sultan is usually in the drive-way of a house in Berchem. Should be easy to spot.
Reward: $11,550

Text: A guy at the Liberty State Delivery by the docks in Port Tudor drives this Rancher. Bring it here.
Reward: $8,250

Algonquin Cars

Text: I need you to get me a Dukes, its on Vauxite Street in East Holland.
Reward: $7,260

NRG 900
Text: Niko I always see this NRG 900 on the corner of Bismarck Ave and Topaz St, in Lancaster.
Reward: $8,250

Text: Get me this Banshee. It's on Galveston Avenue, near Middle Park.
Reward: $26,400

Text: I miss my Comet. Get me this one from near the Swingers golf club.
Reward: $19,800

Text: Saw this Rebla when I was at Fanny Crabs eatery by Grand Easton station. See if it's still there.
Reward: $11,550

Text: A fuckin' priest over in Suffolk drives this Coquette.
Reward: $13,530

Text: This little Faggio is always by the Deagon Heart Plaza in China Town. It's on Diamond Street.
Reward: $2,310

Super GT
Text: Who doesn't want a Super GT? This one is on Calcium St. in front of 69 Exchange.
Reward: $36,300

PMP 600
Text: This PMP 600 is always parked down a lane in The Exchange district. It's just asking to be swiped.
Reward: $10,560

Text: There's a Patriot near those two joined towers down in Castle Gardens.
Reward: $16,500

Bohan Cars

Huntley Sport
Text: Get this Huntley Sport from the LCPD station in Northern Gardens.
Reward: $13,200

Text: Get me this Buccaneer. It's over in the Industrial District.
Reward: $5,940

Charge Island Cars

Text: This Moonbeam is somewhere on Charge Island.
Reward: $7,260

Broker Cars

Text: Get me this Washington. It's always by the outdoor pool in Steinway.
Reward: $7,260

Sabre GT
Text: I want this Sabre GT. Guy who owns this beauty lives somewhere near the Meadows Park towers.
Reward: $8,250

Text: Get this Dilettante from in front of the Canyon Megaplex in Willis.
Reward: $6,600

Text: Someone in the LC24 tower in East Island City drives this Voodoo. Get it.
Reward: $6,600

Text: There's alwats a Contender parked by Twitchin's in Boabo.
Reward: $8,250

Text: Get to the old Burger Shot near the Huntington St. station. This Manana is usually parked behind it.
Reward: $3,960

Text: There's a Freeway somewhere near the Willis Wash & Lube. Get it.
Reward: $6,600

Text: This brown Bobcat is always parked top floor of the airport car park. Should be easy to find.
Reward: $8,250

Text: There's an Intruder near the Liberty Transport Authority building in Rotterdam Hill.
Reward: $8,250

Text: Some prick down near Outlook Park drives this Infernus. Sticks out like a sore thumb in that area.
Reward: $33,000

Text: There's always a DF8-90 in the car park under the Station by the amusement park.
Reward: $5,940

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First Posted: 07th Aug 2008

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