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Holland Nights

A drug dealer is holed up in a tower block in East Holland. McReary knows the guy is guilty, but it will take him over a year to get the evidence together. He wants you to dispose of him.

To The Projects
Grab a car and follow your GPS to the projects in East Holland. Once you arrive, you will call McReary on your call phone. The guy is on the second floor. McReary suggests you get off the first floor before you get violent.

As you approach the stairs, the guys hanging around there will start shooting, so you'll need to whip out a gun and blast them all to hell and make your way up to the first floor.

Use the cover behind pillars, and pick off the guys shooting as you, then work your way along to the guys apartment. He will continue to head upstairs as you chase him, and you'll need to take out all of the enemies as you go. They are fairly easy to kill if you use auto-aim and an AK-47. Remember to stick to cover when you're pinned down and try to go for the head when possible.

Health Pack
You'll find a health pack stuck to the wall on the second floor by the left hand stair case, which will also respawn once you're heading back down the stairs. So grab it!

The Roof
He'll make his way onto the roof of the projects, so head up there. He'll be hiding behind a metal crate, so approach him and he'll surrender. You now need to choose whether he lives or dies.

CHOICE 1: Save Clarence
Clarence promises he will change. If you opt to save him, you'll be able to meet him as a random pedestrian and take a mission from him later in the game.

CHOICE 2: Kill Clarence
If you kill Clarence, he'll be gone from the game permanently and you won't be able to meet him as a random pedestrian.

The Choice Is Made
Once you've confronted him and decided to either kill him or save him, you'll need to lose any wanted level that you have. Make your way down the stairs to the middle floor. You'll probably see plenty of cops arriving in cars below. If you have a decent amount of health, try jumping over the railings to the road below, then grab a cop car and escape the wanted level. If that's not an option, you'll need to make your way down to the bottom of the building, going back down the stairs, and killing cops as you go. Once you're out of the projects, lose your wanted level.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $5000


Mission Tips

  • If you're not interested in saving Clarence, and you want to get this mission over with quite quickly, there is a solution, although you will need a sniper rifle to do this.
  • Go across the street from the projects and climb up the crane in the backyard. Go to the front of the crane and snipe Clarence with a headshot, then lose the cops. If you miss the headshot, you'll need to attack him on foot as mentioned above.
  • If you can't be bothered to climb the crane, then just simply park a car as far across the street as you can parallel to Clarence's location and snipe him from there.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 30th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 48001

Guide Comments

Comment by XxCJxX posted on 08th May 2008:

Easily done with the sniper rifle after the phone conversation with francis park up on the road and climb your vehicle u should be able to see him score a headshot or he will run off

Comment by unblack posted on 31st May 2008:

There's another very easy way for wimps like me wink.gif

Go across the street and climb up the crane in the backyard. Go to the front of the crane and snipe the guy with a headshot.

Comment by sneaky posted on 24th Jun 2008:

You don't have to climb on anything actually. Just walk backward once you get there to the intersection. You should be able to see him through the sniper scope. Pull a headshot then jump back in your car. No wanted level and no fire fight.

Comment by GMT posted on 28th Aug 2008:

if you wanna kill him and didn't get him at first try, he'll run off to one location where you can still cope him with the sniper from a buildings roof here. just walk into the 2nd building from the left and up to the roof. you'll see him kneeling just off a stairway on the 2nd floor of the projects

Comment by Cartoon Head posted on 29th Aug 2008:

go on the opposite side on the road to where the building with him in is and there are two alleys.park a car down the one on the left and stand on the cars can them snipe him from here.

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