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The Holland Play

Playboy X will explain to you that he wants you to kill Dwayne.

PART 1: I'll Think About It
Niko doesn't know if he can do it and says he'll have a think about it. Playboy says he'll be in touch.

PART 2: Don't Kill Me, Kill Him!
Further on in the game, you'll receive a call from Dwayne asking you to kill Playboy X. Once again, Niko says he has to think.

PART 3: Kill Playboy X or Dwayne?
Eventually, Playboy X will call Niko and ask him if he's going to kill Dwayne. Niko will tell him that he knows what he's going to do. Now you have a choice. Kill Playboy X, or kill Dwayne?

CHOICE 1: Kill Dwayne
If you've decided to put Dwayne out of his misery, head to his house and execute him with your pistol.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $25,000

Mission Tips

  • After the mission, you'll call Playboy X and he tells you he doesn't want anything to do with you for killing his mentor Dwayne.
CHOICE 2: Kill Playboy X

Travel to Playboy's crib. A cutscene begins where Niko confronts Playboy saying that he's the problem. Playboy decides to make a run for it across the roof.

Once in control of Niko, kill the bodyguards in the crib and chase Playboy down on to the ground floor. He'll make a run for it across the road, where a Patriot full of bodyguards now pull up. You can either shoot Playboy and ignore the gangsters or kill the gangsters and continue the chase with Playboy.

Either way, once you've killed Playboy, Niko calls Dwayne and informs him of Playboy's death. Dwayne is thankful; he says he regrets he can't pay him, but he's got the deeds to Playboy's crib, so you can have that.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips
  • After the mission, you'll be given access to Playboy's Mansion, which includes some additional parking spaces for you to keep vehicles.
  • Inside the mansion if you change clothes, you'll find an easter egg. You can dress up as Claude from GTA3.
  • Dwayne will also become your friend and you can hang out with him.
  • Hanging out with Dwayne enough will unlock his special ability where he'll send a car full of homies to protect you.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 29th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 29943

Guide Comments

Comment by Zen posted on 04th May 2008:

I've added the scenario of if you choose to kill Playboy X instead of Dwayne to the topic. Thanks to Asthenia for the reminder.

Comment by XxCJxX posted on 07th May 2008:

If u go after Playboy X it is easy done with a few grenades u autamaticly start in cover just a case ov throwing them through the door easy

Comment by yadoso posted on 08th May 2008:

Playboy X has an execution, you know.

Comment by DuffMan posted on 09th May 2008:

Also, if you choose to kill Playboy X, you'll get an email from Dwayne thanking you for it. Once you reply he is added as a friend. Get his like rating up high enough and you unlock his ability, which is to send over two gang members who follow you round and act as bodyguards.

Comment by Penguinish posted on 21st May 2008:

Id like to mention that this mission doesn't interfere with the liberty city friends achievements.

Its probably easier to choose the option to kill Dwayne, you get $25,000, plus you don't have to worry about him calling you, and wanting to hang out, because liberty city friends achievements only need the friends that are still alive to like you above 90%.

So its one less person you have to worry about liking you to get the achievement.

But then agian, it never hurts to kill playboy, and unlock Dwayne's special ability.

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