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Out Of Commission

After Little Jacob has sent you a text, head to the gun store and buy some weapons. If you already have some, give him a call. He'll tell you him and Roman have spotted one of the guys responsible, and they're waiting in a car in Alderney.

Meet The Guys
Grab a vehicle and make your way to meet Roman and Jacob. Once you arrive, get into the car with them. You'll see a short cutscene where the guy Jacob has been watching will attempt to escape in a car. You need to chase him all of the way back to Pegorino. Follow him across the bridge and listen to the conversation between Jacob, Roman and Niko. Don't waste your ammo shooting at them as you can't kill them.

The Old Casino
Eventually you'll arrive at the mafia casino. Niko tells Jacob and Roman to keep back and work out an exit plan. You're going to be going in to take out Pegorino. Once the cutscene's over, you'll have about fifteen Mafia guys shooting at you. Stay behind the cover of the car and pop up to take them out one at a time. Take out the guys on the roof to the right first, then any that you can see from the cover of the car.

Once you can no longer hit anyone from that range, sprint forward and take cover behind the sand bags. Finish off the Mafia guys out here, then make your way towards the house. As you approach the door, Jacob will tell you he's got an escape plan and that you should keep your eyes on the sky. Obviously he's got a helicopter.

Moving Inside
Head to the doorway and take cover against it. There'll be a bunch of guys at the back of the room behind varous pieces of cover, and one up and to the left on the platform. Take them all out, then move inside. You'll find a health pack stuck to the wall on the building to the left, so grab that.

Chase Pegorino
Move through the room and go through the door to the back left. After the cutscene, Jimmy Pegorino will run to the roof. Chase him up the stairs. Once you get outside, there'll be two guards waiting for you further down the roof, so take them out and grab their ammo if you need it. Head down the ladders and kill the three enemies who come charging towards you. Once they're dead, you could head back up the ladder and into the stair well. There was a health pack on the other side of the steps which might come in useful. Jump over the gap to climb up and get it.

Once down the ladder, make your way along the side of the building. Take cover behind the objects as you go, and take out any enemies who are doing the same. As you move around the corner a car will appear and attempt to block the path. I was able to free aim and shoot the driver and passengers straight in the head.

Chase Jimmy down to the docks and jump on the sanchez bike. He will take off in a boat, and you need to chase him along the coastline. Make sure you get to this part quickly or he'll get away.

Now That's A Unique Jump
Speed after him and eventually you'll come to a part where the Mafia have the road to the right blocked off. Instead, head to the left and go over the wooden ramp, marked with a yellow light. Speed off that ramp and you'll grab hold of the helicoper. You now need to mash the run button to climb in. Once you're on board, you'll need to chase after Pegorino and use the helicopters miniguns to shoot at him.

We're Going Down
Keep shooting at him, but regardless, the helicopter will be hit by an RPG or two. Luckily Niko manages to land it at the docks to Liberty Island before it crashes and blows up. He tells Jacob and Roman to wait there while he finishes this.

The Final Assault
Chase after Pegorino and kill the two guards he will have by the metal railings, then chase after him. He'll hide behind a tree near the hot dog guy, so make your way over to him and fire a few bullets into him.

Watch the final cutscene where Pegorino bleeds a lot before Niko finishes him off. Jacob and Roman then tell you that you did it. It's somewhat fitting that the music that plays at the end of the game is the same music that plays in the first trailer which was our very first look at this masterpiece of a game.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $250,000


Mission Tips

  • DEFINITELY stock up on ammo and armour before this mission.
  • If you fail at any point after the car chase, using the restart mission text message will skip you straight to the shootout.
  • Remember to dodge the rockets from the boat when you're driving the helicopter as best you can.
  • Take your time at the shooting parts and use cover to your advantage.
  • Pick up the health and armour, and also collect all weapons from dead enemies once you've cleared out an area.
  • Once Pegorino has been killed, it's the end of the storyline. Enjoy the credits.

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First Posted: 02nd May 2008

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