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Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Gerry tells you that he's not going to be getting out of prison any time soon, so the work you're doing doesn't make any difference for him. He tells you that the ex-boyfriend of your girl is going to agree to the divorce terms, but he wasn't the only problem. Once outside, Packie will call you and explain that Gracie is going away soon, and they're hoping to replace her with a big bag of diamonds.

The Exchange
Grab a car or a taxi and make your way to the vehicle next to the Pay N' Spray in Northwood. Once you arrive, get into the car. The exchange is taking place on Charge Island at the water treatment plant, so drive over to the yellow blip on your GPS now. When you get there, you'll be told to drive around to the back to the exchange point.

After the cutscene, Mr Bulgarin will show up to collect his diamonds. A load of his guys will open fire on you and Packie and Niko will both take cover behind the car. Once you're back in game, you'll need to kill all of the gunmen. This shouldn't be too tricky and is just a case of using auto-aim and picking them off one by one.

There'll also be some guys on the walkway above. Take them out. Once they're dead, a few more enemies will appear above. Help Packie kill them, then follow him onto the walkway.

Walkway Warfare
Kill even more enemies up here. The people on the left can be blown up by the barrel up there, the rest will just be a case of cover, aim, fire until they're gone.

Follow Packie along the walkway and kill the two further enemies who attack you. Use the cover of the large metal boxes. When everyone's dead, Packie will take the left walkway, you need to head down to the right.

New Arrivals
Three cars will pull up down on the ground. Pick off the people who get out of them, then you'll need to kill a few people who are coming towards you along the walkway. Again, use the metal box for cover, and auto-aim to take them out.

Once they're all dead, follow Packie once again. There's some health stuck to one of the metal boxes near where Packie's walkway meets yours.

Once you reach the end of the platform, the guy with the diamonds is trapped. He can either hand them over and live, or drop them and die. He chooses to drop them into the back of a moving truck.

Once the cutscene is over, kill the two guys who are hiding behind the pipes, or let Packie kill them. Once they're dead, you may get some police attention, but if you let Packie take the two enemies out, you won't have any cops after you. You need to get Packie home. Climb down the ladder and kill any cops who may be next to you, then jack a police car or find another vehicle. Wait for Packie to get in, then head up the road and across the bridge. Get back to Packie's Ma's house. It doesn't matter if you still have a wanted level when you get there.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • The mission, although long, is pretty simple. Just stay in cover when you're in a large firefight, and use auto aim to take out the 30 or so enemies you'll come across.
  • Try to aim for headshots which will save time and ammo, and collect any weapons dropped by dead foes.
  • There are health packs and armour on the walkway, you shouldn't really be able to miss them, so keep an eye out.
  • Let Packie kill the two enemies at the end after they've dropped the diamonds and you won't get a wanted level making it easier to get back to Packie's Ma's house.
  • After the mission, you'll receive a call from Dimitri, and a call from Jimmy Pegorino asking you to meet him.

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First Posted: 02nd May 2008

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