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Dining Out

Gravelli needs you take out a Korean guy who's been selling cheap money. He eats as Mr Fuk's Rice Box in Alderney City.

Fuk You
Make your way there, but before you head inside, go down the alley way right next to the entrance. You'll see a bike and a PMP 600 car parked in the car park. Shoot out all 4 of the tires on the PMP then lose any cop attention you'll have. Once that's done, head inside the restaurant. Niko will speak to the receptionist who will tell you to go away. Kim will be upstairs, so make your way in and kill all of the guards on the top floor from your position at the bottom.

Head up the stairs facing backwards to kill the few guys up there, then move towards the managers office. Kill the guy who comes out of here, then speak to the manager.

He'll tell you that Kim is escaping through the kitchen, so head out of his office and kill the five or so enemies in the main room who have just appeared. Head into the kitchen, killing the two or three guys in and around there there too.

Kill Kim
Chase Kim through the back door of the kitchen, then grab the health pack. Shoot him a few times before he can get into his car. If he's not dead, jump over the balcony (you won't die), then get on the bike and chase after him. If you popped all of his tires like I suggested, he'll pretty much crash into the wall right in front of the alley way, and you can take him out easily with a few drive-by bullets. Otherwise, just chase after him and keep shooting until he's dead.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $13,250


Mission Tips

  • Stock up on health and armour before this mission. The chinese guys are packing powerful weapons and they have good aim.
  • Pop all 4 tires on the PMP-600 car behind the restaurant. This will stop Kim being able to escape you so well.
  • Pick up the health pack from the kitchen as you chase Kim.

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First Posted: 02nd May 2008

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