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I'll Take Her

After you've visited Gerry in Prison, you'll call Packie. He tells you to get online and set up a viewing for a Pink Feltzer at Auto Eroticar. You're going to kidnap old man Ancelotti's daughter Grace.

PART 1: Don't Be A TW@, Use One!
Get to a TW@ internet cafe and visit the Auto Eroticar website by using the advert in the middle of the page. Click on "View Cars" and search for the Pink Feltzer. Once you find it, the girl's number will be saved on your phone, so head outside to call her. You'll probably be told to call her between 08:00 AM and 21:00 PM to meet up with her. Kill a few hours and give her a call.

PART 2: Taking Her For A Ride
Gracie will invite you to her house, so make your way over to there. Once you arrive, head over and chat to her. She'll tell you how you've got a sexy accent. Get into the car and you can take a test drive. Make your way to the South coast. After awhile, Niko will tell her he's kidnapping her, and you'll need to drive her to the safe house.

Let Go, You Stupid Bitch
She'll grab hold of the steering wheel to make you crash. Whenever you see her doing this, hit the brakes. Make sure she doesn't let you flip the car. She may also wave down the cops, so try to lose them, but don't drive too fast because of the risk of her making you flip the car.

Niko will eventually knock her out, then you can drive to the safe house in peace.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $9,500


Mission Tips

  • Make sure you slow down when she takes the wheel.
  • Snipe the guy who drives off in the Pink car at the end of the mission and you can keep the car... If you want it.
  • Awhile after the mission, Packie will call you and tell you that Grace's father doesn't believe she's been kidnapped. He needs you to get a photo of her, so head to the ransom icon on the GPS and make your way into the apartment. Take a photo of her on your cell phone and send it to Packie, then go outside.

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First Posted: 02nd May 2008

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