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Phil is in a hurry and wants you to head to the old Sprunk factory off Argus Street. Get in his car and drive him there.

Park in the mission objective marker, and watch the cutscene. He tells you there's two ways you can apprach the mission. Head straight in the front door and take them head on, or go in through the basement and take them up the arse. It really doesn't matter how you approach it, but for safety's sake, I suggest taking the basement way. Head down the train tracks and go through the hole in the wall just next to the generator.

Moving On Up
Take cover up against the broken wall and kill the two or three guys on the walkway, then head up the stairs. Make your way up the next set or stairs, killing the two guys waiting behind the stairs at the top, and the guy further along in the room.

Auto-Target FTW
Make your way through this floor and kill all of the soldiers above you as you go. The auto-target function is a life saver here. Once everything above looks clear, make your way up. As you head through the next floor, Chubby Charlie will make a run for it. You can't kill him yet, but you'll need to take out his buddies who are hidden behind various pieces of cover.

Move slow and take out the enemies as you move through the floors, until you get to the room with the windows. Charlie will jump out onto the roof below. You should take out the guys in this room, then head to the window.

The Rooftops
You'll see two or three guys on the roof below, to the left, so take them out and drop down. You'll find a health pack a little way in front of the window, so grab that and make your way around the roof towards Charlie.

Charlie will cross the roof, then make his way up a ladder to the chimneys. Kill the enemies here, and those higher up on the roof and chimney towers, then head up the ladder yourself.

Long Way Down
Take cover as soon as you get up and shoot the guys on the higher roof top. There's some health up next to the first chimney if you need it, then make your way to where Chubby Charlie is on the higher roof.

One Man Army
Watch the cutscene where a helicopter will show up. Shoot the guys in the helicopter with auto-aim, then with free aim take out Charlie. You'll then need to pump a lot of rounds into the helicopter to take it out.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $10,500


Mission Tips

  • Move slowly and take cover whenever possible.
  • Auto-aim makes this mission fairly simple. Even if you can't see anyone, keep aiming and you'll probably lock onto them.
  • Keep an eye out for the health packs scattered across the roof.

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First Posted: 02nd May 2008

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