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Catch The Wave

Phil tells you there's a truck waiting for you off Catskill Avenue, so get in his car and drive to the destination on your GPS.

Boat Yard
Once you arrive there, get out of your car and get into the truck. You'll now need to drive it to the boat yard. Head to the yellow dot on your GPS.

When you arrive, pull up in the yellow mission marker. The Russian guys won't trust you, so reverse back a bit then get out of the truck and use it as cover.

War In The Warehouse
Shoot at all of the Russians in the main building. After awhile, Phil, being a complete idiot, will run into the middle of the warehouse, so you need to run in and take out plenty of the Russians so that he isn't killed.

You don't necessarily need to be in cover too much, just use a sub machine gun or assault rifle and and quickly switch between enemies. Once you're inside the warehouse, auto aim at the people on the platforms above. Go through the back and kill the guys on the docks, then run across to the left pier and grab the body armor that's over there. Jump into the coke boat and speed the hell out of there.

Escape By Water
Head off to the right and follow the island around to the left. After you get towards the bridge, two boats will chase you. drive-by the drivers in each of the boats, and once they're down, continue following Phil to the drop off point. Climb onto the jetty and walk into the yellow mission objective icon.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $7500


Mission Tips

  • Stay crouched and use auto-aim with an assault rifle for the quickest and easiest way through the warehouse.
  • Drive-by the boats drivers to stop them.
  • Stock up on ammo, armour and health before this mission.

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First Posted: 02nd May 2008

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