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Blood Brothers

Francis McReary wants you to kill his brother Derrick because he's going to talk to a journalist about Francis.

To The Park
Grab a vehicle and make your way over to courtyard park in Lancet. Just after you get in the car, Derrick will call you and tell you he thinks Francis is going to kill him. Derrick wants you to kill Francis!

The Meeting Point
Make your way to the meeting in Lancet. Once you arrive, Francis will call you and tell you that you need to make your way up a window cleaning elevator so you can snipe Derrick. Niko tells him he'll shoot who he wants to shoot.

Kill Francis or Derrick?
Jump up the scaffolding and make your way up to the roof using the elevator. Once there, watch the cutscene and decide if you want to kill Francis or Derrick.

CHOICE 1: Kill Francis
If you kill Francis, you'll get thanks from Derrick, and in the funeral mission which will follow, you'll be burying Francis. That's it. No other rewards.

CHOICE 2: Kill Derrick
If you kill Derrick, you'll receive $10,000 from Francis, and you'll also unlock the ability to call him when you need a few wanted stars removed. In the funeral mission you'll be burying Derrick.

The Choice Is Made
Whichever person you choose to kill, you'll need to snipe. Once they're dead you'll need to get off the roof and lose the cops, so head back down the window cleaning platform and grab a vehicle to escape the wanted radius.

Mission Passed!
Reward: Dependent On Choice Made


Mission Tips

  • Unless you really hate Francis, there's really only one choice here. Kill Francis and get nothing, or kill Derrick and get $10,000 and the ability to lose cops with a phone call. Doing either won't effect things with Packie or Kate either, so go for the choice that suits you best.

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First Posted: 01st May 2008

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