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Derrick wants you to track down and kill a guy who is threatening to kill him and his family. The guy's name is Bucky Sligo.

Bucky Sligo
Find a police car, then use the onboard computer to search for "Bucky Sligo". There's actually a couple of cop cars parked just across the street, so break into it and connect to the database. Once you've found him, you'll learn that he's hanging at Burger Shot. Add the destination to your GPS, then make your way there.

Kill 'Em All
Derrick will tell you to make sure you take out Bucky and all of his crew. If he's there alone, he wants you to keep the cop car, and use it to scare Bucky back to his gang so that you can eliminate them all.

Bucky is indeed there alone, so park outside the restaurant and chase him when he leaves. Keep on his tail and follow him back to his buddies.

After a short chase through various peoples back yards, he'll pull up at his house where sure enough, his pals are there to protect him. Pull up behind him and drive-by his ass, then reverse back a bit and get out of your vehicle. Use your car as cover and shoot at the guy in the entrance to the building. Once he's dead, you'll need to move into the house.

Breaking And Entering
Shoot the door open and kill the two or three guys on the bottom floor, then head upstairs and kill the shotgun wielding maniac up there.

Once they're all dead, you'll have a two star wanted level which you need to lose, so get out of the house, grab a car and get out of there. Get a few blocks away and you should have lost them completely.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $6500


Mission Tips

  • After the mission you'll receive a text from Ray unlocking a safehouse in Alderney.

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First Posted: 01st May 2008

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