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Bleed Out

If you didn't save him before, when opting to go on a date with Michelle, Roman will call you explaining that Dardan has him trapped under the El Train tracks in a basketball court.

Grab a vehicle and make your way to Roman immediately, then enter the courts. Once you arrive, Bledar and Kalem will tell you the problem is not with you, but with your cousin, however Niko isn't listening and is ready to fight.

Here you'll have a chance to test the hand to hand combat. Lock onto the enemies and hit the various fighting buttons until you've taken down both of the Albanians. If you're losing health a bit too quickly and you have a weapon, feel free to blow them away with that. All is fair in love and war.

Dardan's Escape
Once they're both down and you've spoken to Roman, Dardan will attempt to escape in a car.

Quickly run to Romans car and chase Dardan all the way to a building near the docks. You'll have to avoid plenty of heavy vehicles that conveniently decide to cut right in front of you, such as some buses and a trashmaster truck. Once you arrive, he'll run upstairs, so chase him and you can then fight him in the top floor. Dardan has a knife, so if you're bare-handed, you may want to try and take his weapon from him. You can do this by pushing the block button right as he attempts to attack you. If timed correctly, you'll steal his knife, and you can then slash away and finish him. Of course, if you have a weapon, you can just fire a few shots into him. If he's close enough to the window, he'll fall all of the way down to his watery grave, otherwise he'll just die in a heap on the floor.

Back To Roman
Once he's dead, make your way back down to Roman's car and drive him back to the taxi rank.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $50


Mission Tips

  • If you're having trouble with this mission and want a gun, but don't know where to find one, try a cop car. There's one parked just up the street from your safe house, and any police car you enter will give you 5 shotgun shells (the first time you enter it). Those 5 shells alone are more than enough to take out all three of these bad guys.
  • When fist fighting, if you manage to dodge an attack from an enemy by pressing the block button at the right time, you are usually able to kill them in two or three punches as Niko will perform a combo. This is useful to remember if you're almost dead.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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