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Museum Piece

Niko tells Ray he's sick of doing stupid jobs for shit pay. Niko wants Ray's help finding the man he's after. A man called Florian Cravic. Ray promises he'll help you find him, but he needs you to head over to the Libertonian Museum to sell the diamonds. You'll need to meet up with a guy named Johnny.

Grab a vehicle and get your ass over to the Libertonian museum and meet up with Johnny, the biker from an earlier mission.

After the cutscene, where the deal is interrupted by a gunman, you'll need to escape from the Libertonian. There are museum security all over the place trying to take you out. Luckily there's lots of cover, so use it, and pop up to kill the guards you can see. Start with the one to the left, then kill the guys straight in front of you. Next take out the guards across the room and once they're down, kill the enemies on the ground floor below.

Moving Out
Move around the top floor balcony and kill any more guards as you approach the other end. There's a health pack on the wall which you'll probably find useful. Grab it and kill the two guys in the room just past there. Once they're dead, take cover behind one of the square concrete objects and kill the three guys who'll come from the stairs.

Move to the top of the stairs. Always snap to cover against the wall before going out shooting. There'll be two or three guys downstairs to kill and one more upstairs. Take them out then carefully move downstairs.

Grab a desert eagle from one of the dead guys, then kill any enemies you can lock onto in the downstairs area. Move along the left side of the room where you'll find some body armor.

Make your way slowly along to the other end of the downstairs area, killing three or four other guys who may still be alive down here, then go through the door after you're picked up all of the weapons and ammo.

Storage Shootout
Kill the two guys in the storage room and grab their cash and ammo, then make your way through. Take cover against the crates and waste the two guys near the stairs. Move down the stairs and kill the two enemies outside by the cars. There's a health pack down here if you need it.

Escape From The Museum
There will be a few more enemies outside, so using your cover, lean out and kill them. Once you get a chance, grab a car and get the hell out of there. More enemies will come after you, but your objective is to escape, so steal one of their PMP cars and high tail it out of there.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $9500


Mission Tips

  • Make sure you don't accidentally kill the guy hiding in the back room.
  • Stay in cover almost constantly throughout this mission.
  • Pick up the weapons from dead enemies as you go.
  • Take your time. There's no rush to get out. Slowly and carefully is the way.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for health and armour. Once you've cleared an area, go back through it looking for collectibles.
  • You'll need to lose any cops at the end of the mission, so it might be a good idea to head to a Pay N' Spray.

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First Posted: 01st May 2008

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