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Taking In the Trash

Ray wants you to collect some garbage for him.

The Trash Master
Run around the corner and grab the Trashmaster from the alley. As you approach it, you'll see a short cutscene where you'll meet Ray's friends Tuna Fish, Johnny Spaz and Luca. Once you've been changed into the LSD outfit, they'll want you to drive the garbage truck. The first pick up is in China Town, so make your way to the blip on the GPS.

The two guys on the back will climb off and grab the garbage bags. They'll need you to open the trash compactor on the back, so do that, and wait for them to climb back onto your truck. Once they're on, head to the next collection point. Park in the objective icon and open the compactor again.

Low Speed Chase
Once the guys have thrown the trash into your truck and climbed on board, you'll be chased by a car. You need to drive the Trashmaster to the drop off point as fast as you can. Which isn't very fast at all really. Just make sure you don't miss any turns and try not to crash too much and you'll get there fairly easily. When you do, watch the cutscene.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $9000


Mission Tips

  • You'll be able to keep the LSD outfit after the mission. You'll be wearing it, but it'll also appear at your safehouses for future changes.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 01st May 2008

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