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A Long Way To Fall

One of Ray's former friends doesn't respect the waste management business. Because of this, Ray wants you to head over to his house in Galveston and take him out.

Beep Beep
As you head outside, you'll get a text message from Ray. He'll send you a picture of a guy who will tell you what you need to know, if you're persuasive enough. Jump in a cab, or find a car and drive to the destination marked on your GPS.

Apartment 151 K
Once you arrive, you'll be told to look for the guy mentioned in Ray's picture message. He's hanging out just to the right of the steps. Speak to him and he'll say he doesn't know what you're walking out. Point a gun at his head and he'll tell you exactly where to find Teddy Benavidez. He's on the top floor, in apartment 151 K.

Cover, Aim, Fire
Make your way into the building and head upstairs using the elevator. This will only take you to the 20th floor. The guy you just spoke to will call Teddy and tell him you're coming up, so he'll have a load of guys waiting for you. The next part is relatively simple though, and requires a lot of cover usage. Basically hug every wall, walk to the corner, then lean out and kill the guys around the corner at the end.

Keep doing this until you've cleaned out this floor, then head to the stairs. Kill the guys on the stairs and head up to the next floor. Do the same here and take out the people in the room to the left. Head in there to grab a health pack, then make your way around the hall way, killing as you go. Make your way into the stairwell, and grab the health pack stuck to the wooden boards, then head up the stairs.

Teddy Boy
Approach Teddy's door. Move into his apartment and kill the three guys in here, then grab the health pack from the kitchen if you need it. After you come out of the kitchen, Niko will be knocked down by Teddy opening a door. Now you need to chase him and take him out. Follow him up the flight of stairs, then up the smaller stairs towards the roof. Kill two of his henchmen on the way up these.

How's The Weather Down There?
Go out of the door on the roof and kill one last foot soldier, then walk over to Teddy. Get close enough to him with a pistol and try to shoot him. Niko will pistol whip him over the edge of the building, to a gruesome gravity fuelled death below. Or just blast him in the face with a shotgun. Your call.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $8500


Mission Tips

  • Remember to utilise the cover system for this mission, especially when heading up to Teddy's apartment.
  • There's plenty of health packs as you go, so dying shouldn't really be too much of a problem.

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First Posted: 01st May 2008

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