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Dust Off

U.L. Papers want a guy to be eliminated because he's moving a lot of money in support or terrorism. The agent has hidden something on Albany Avenue in Lancet.

Follow That Chopper!
Make your way over to this destination. When you arrive, you'll receive a call from the agent who will tell you that you need to follow the helicopter that's about to take off, see where it lands, and then steal it.

Make sure you have a vehicle, preferably a fairly fast one, then drive into the mission objective icon. The helicopter will take off, and now it's down to you to follow it. Chase it all of the way along the highway, and keep an eye on it as it travels across the city. It will land on a small dock as it approaches the Broker/Algonquin bridge. You need to head into the dock, kill the two guards at the entrance, kill all of the people having a meeting near the helicopter, then get in it. This isn't really too difficult, especially with a sniper rifle from long range. An SMG or assault rifle will do just as well from closer in.

Learning To Fly
Once you're in the helicopter, fly it to the Airport in Broker and land it next to the radar tower where some U.L. Papers guys will take it away.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $7000


Mission Tips

  • Make sure you have a fairly fast car before parking in the mission marker to start the chase part of the mission.
  • The route the helicopter takes is pretty much straight along the freeway towards the docks, near the bridge. It shouldn't be too difficult to follow it, just don't crash too much!
  • Try not to fly the helicopter into a building...
  • Be careful when you land the helicopter. Lower it down slowly, don't just slam it into the ground.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 30th Apr 2008

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