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Photo Shoot

Playboy X gives you a brand new camera phone. He needs you to take photos of the guys at the basketball courts so he can let you know which one to kill for running his mouth.

Say Cheese!
Jump in a car and head down to the baseball courts. Pull up outside the bus stop and after the tutorial, walk towards the center of the basketball courts. Don't actually enter the physical basketball court, but stand alongside. Open the phone and choose the camera, then zoom in and take a shot of the three guys standing in the middle of the court. If you were close enough and photographed the right thing, Playboy will call you and tell you to kill the guy in the blue.

All of his friends are in the courts too though, so whip out an automatic and spray all of them, paying particular attention to the main guy you need to kill. You might have a bit of police attention afterwards.

Mission Complete!
Reward: $6750


Mission Tips

  • Got a grenade? Who not just toss a cooked grenade right in the middle of all three guys. That way you're sure to kill the right one.

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First Posted: 30th Apr 2008

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