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The Snow Storm

Elizabeta and Jacob are fighting because Elizabeta blames him for being ripped off in a deal. She wants you to head down to the old hospital and get her coke back.

The Objective
The drugs are somewhere inside, and your objective is to head into the old hospital, kill everyone that gets in your way (in other words 'everyone'), and get the drugs back.

Hospital Compound
Make your way towards the hospital compound. As you approach the parked car, kill the two or three guys to the left of the entrance. You'll then need to kill a few guys on the top floor. Go to the window and aim through. This will allow you to kill the few enemies left in the first room.

Planning For The Getaway
Before going into the building, you should plan for the future. Grab a vehicle, preferably one which will handle fairly well, and park it outside near to the entrance doorway. When you get out, try to keep the door open by running in the opposite direction as you get out. This getaway vehicle will prove to be very useful later in the mission.

Move In
Move into the hall way. Kill the guy to the right, then shoot the explosive barrel and take out the few enemies further down the hall. Once they're dead, head on through. Kill all of the enemies from close range, which shouldn't be too much of a problem, then move into the room where the drugs are being kept and kill the final two guys in here.

It's A Raid!
Once you pick them up and contact Jacob, the cops will be storming the place. You now need to fight your way out of there, and then somehow lose them.

Grab the body armour and head back through the hallways, the way you came before. Use auto-aim to kill any police who appear, usually about 5 or 6 in the hallways, then once you make it back to the entrance room, sprint past any cops here and get in the car you should have parked before.

Speed through the car park, follow the road to the left then go up and across the bridge. Make your way to the Pay N' Spray. Try pausing the game and setting a waypoint for either of the Pay N' Spray's in Algonquin then speed there and try to partially lose the tail. If the cops see you go into the Pay N' Spray, you won't lose your wanted level, so take them on an offroad tour until they're some distance behind. Once you feel safe, pull into the Pay N' Spray and lose your wanted level.

Once you've lost your stars, Niko will phone Jacob. Jacob tells you to meet him with the drugs, so make your way across the bridge and head to Chase Point.

She's A Rat!
During the cutscene you'll find out that Michelle is actually a government spy who has been watching you since you arrived. She takes the drugs off you but lets you walk free.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2500


Mission Tips

  • Ensure you have full health and armour before attempting this mission.
  • Make sure there's a car parked outside for a quick getaway.
  • There is a ladder at the back of the hospital which you can use to attack the gang members from above.
  • You'll find health, ammo and armour packs scattered across the building.
  • The best advice for escaping the cops is to just run straight past them and get a car, then high tail it out of there.
  • You may be able to find a boat in the water next to the broken fence which will allow you another escape route.
  • Remember the Pay N' Spray won't accept cop cars, so if you're planning a road-based escape, take a civilian car.

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First Posted: 30th Apr 2008

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