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Deconstruction For Beginners

Playboy X has left weapons in a car parked in an alley downtown. Grab a vehicle and drive him to it.

The Objective
The objective is to take out all of the guards keeping a watch on the building side downtown. There are three guys up on cranes, and a number of other enemies patrolling the area on foot. Playboy wants you to take out the look outs on the cranes with your sniper rifle first.

Going Up
Follow him onto the elevator platform, and use the controls to take it all of the way to the top. Once you get there, admire the amazing views, then whip out your sniper rifle and start looking for the three look outs. Watch with a huge grin on your face as the bodies fall all the way down and then splat into the ground after you've shot them. Try shooting one of them in the foot and see how many flips you can make him do before he makes contact with the earth.

Going Down
Once all three are dead, you'll need to head back down in the elevator and make your way into the construction site. Playboy wants you to take out all of the union leaders. To do that, you're basically going to need to take out everyone, including their many henchmen.

Union Leader #1
Switch to the AK-47 you've been given and use the auto-target feature to pick off the first group of about 6 or 7 guys who will charge at you. Zooming in with the right stick is amazingly useful, and you should be able to pull off a few decent headshots. Once they're all dead, move on through the construction site. Kill the next few men who show up here, then make your way to the top floor where you'll be able to use your auto aim to kill a few more enemies.

Union Leader #2
Advance forward and kill the second union leader who will most likely be taking cover behind some concrete objects and clear up the one or two remaining henchmen, then head around the corner.

Union Leader #3
There's a few more enemies round here, so pick them off from a distance, and from behind cover and take out the third union leader who is at the end of the rooftop.

Union Leader #4
As you head around the corner on the roof you'll have to fight about 20 guys, but they are all fairly easy to take out with the AK-47. Take out the ones closer to you, then move in as quickly as you can. The fourth union leader will try to escape on the roof opposite, so take out all of the henchmen who have just gotten out of the helicopter, then pick off the final union leader from a distance while he climbs up the ladder or runs along the roof top.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $6500


Mission Tips

  • At the entrance to the construction site, you'll notice a crane on the left, right when you go through the gate. Climb the ladder to the top of the crane and from there Playboy X will tell you where to find the four main people you have to kill. You can pick all four off them off with a sniper rifle from the crane. Just look in the general direction of the red blips and snipe them. Easy!

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 30th Apr 2008

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