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Street Sweeper

Manny has promised Francis McReary, a corrupt cop, that he will get rid of some drug dealers. As usual, that means you have to do it.

Garage Gunfight
Grab a vehicle and make your way to the garage where the gang members are located. My advice for this mission is to park your car in the middle of the street, right in front of the garage, but not too close. Perhaps on the opposite side of the road. Get out and get behind your car, using it as cover, then use manual aim and kill the guy sitting in the driving seat of car in the garage. Make sure you kill the people in the car first as they'll escape. If you lose them, it's mission failed.

Once the guys in the cars are dead, simply use your cover and take out the few remaining gang members in the garage.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1100


Mission Tips

  • If you have grenades or an RPG, they'll make quick work of these enemies.
  • Remember to move into the garage and pick up the cash and weapons from the dead bodies.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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