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Romans Sorrow

After passing the mission "Russian Revolution" you'll be told to call Roman and inform him of the situation. He's in trouble and you need to get to him as quickly as you can. Upon making this phone call, the mission will start, so head to the alley way where he's hiding using your GPS to guide you.

Call The Fire Department!
After the cutscene, Roman wants you to go back to the apartment and pick up some of your stuff, so make your way back to your apartment. Once you arrive you'll find the whole thing on fire. Roman now wants you to visit his taxi depot. Once you arrive there, you'll also discover that it's on fire too.

The Road To Bohan
Roman's decided that it's time to head to Bohan where you can stay with Mallorie's cousin. As you make your way there, Roman will explain how much he hates you and all of the bad things that have happened to him since you arrived in Liberty City. He'll also explain about the dream he had, and how he was planning to marry Mallorie, but the ring has been lost in the fire. Make your way to the new safe house now.

Moving Up In The World
Once you arrive at the new safe house, you'll see a cutscene where Roman and Niko bicker a bit more between themselves, then Mallorie shows up telling you everything will work out.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • After this mission, you will no longer have a safe house in Broker, but do have a new one in Bohan. You can still save your vehicles at the Broker parking spaces though.
  • Brucie will text you and let you know that you are now able to do some Vigilante missions from the cop computers.

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First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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