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Someone has been selling weed and not cutting in Jacob on a slice of the profits, so he wants you to deal with it.

Find The Dealer
Grab a vehicle and head to Southern Broker to find the dealer. Park in the mission objective marker and watch the short cutscene. The dealer runs out of product and needs to get some more. Your objective is to follow him on foot without getting spotted.

Slowly But Surely
Walk behind him, slowly, and don't get too close. Follow him down through the alley. Just after you reach the road, if you haven't spooked him already, Roman will call you on your cell phone which will spook the dealer. After Niko has gotten rid of Roman, sprint after the dealer and follow him into the building, keeping very close to him. He's easy to lose if you don't get there quickly enough.

He'll go straight through the bottom floor, and across the road, so keep on him and try not to get hit by a car or a bus. Jump over the fence and keep hot on his tail. He'll eventually enter an apartment block, so head in and make your way up to the top floor.

Pop The Lock
Shoot the lock off the door to get in, then use the cover system to take out the supplier on the right. There's two guys through the door further back in the room, so move in carefully and take those out. You'll call Jacob once they're all dead.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $250


Mission Tips

  • Did you spot the guy having a piss against the wall as you head up the stairs?
  • After the mission you'll be able to take additional drug delivery missions for Little Jacob via the cell phone.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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