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Crime & Punishment

Roman is hiding in a dumpster because he's being followed by Faustin and his guys. Niko tells everything is fine, but he is promptly knocked out by one of Faustins men.

You awaken in Faustin's basement, and after a bit of introduction, Faustin eventually shoots Roman because he won't stop screaming.

Cop Car
Faustin needs you to find a cop car and steal it. Luckily there's one headed your way right now, so head along the street a bit, wait for it to arrive then steal it.

They want you to use the cop car to pull over some vans full of TV's. There are three of these vehicles, and you'll need to pull them over until you find the one that you're after.

I Want Those TV's!
Use the GPS to guide you to the van locations, then pull in front of them and get and Niko will chat to the driver.

Eventually you'll find the vehicle you're after, and you'll be told that it's property of Kenny Petrovich. The two guys inside aren't happy and will shoot at you, so make sure you have a weapon in your hand on approach. After the short cutscene, kill them both and jump in the van. Follow the GPS and take the van to the lock up, then park the van inside the garage.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $200


Mission Tips

  • Getting in the cop car at the start of the mission will give you 5 shotgun shells, which will be useful for taking out Petrovich's guys.

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First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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