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Marta Full Of Grace

Elizabeta is on the phone to her friend who is bringing some drugs through customs at the airport. She wants Johnny to collect her.

Taxi Man
After the cutscene, make your way to the airport. You'll get a text from Jim reminding you again that you can call buddies to back you up, so I took this opportunity to call Terry, and himself an Clay arrived shortly.

Once you reach the airport, pull into the mission marker and watch the cutscene, you'll need to fight a bunch of cops and FIB agents. You're in decent cover though and it shouldn't take you too long to take out the ten to fifteen cops. An AK or RPG will work very well indeed.

Lose The Cops
Once they're all dead, grab a vehicle and pick up Marta. You need to escape the cops. If you hold B, you'll be able to get a view from a police helicopter which is chasing you, which looks awesome. The best way to lose the cops is just to head to the good old Pay N' Spray. Make sure no cop cars see you enter, but it's ok if the helicopter does.

After you've lost the wanted level, simply drive back to Elizabeta's place trying not to kill yourself and Marta.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2000


Mission Tips

  • RPG's, pipe bombs and an AK-47 are best for clearing the cops at the main point of the mission.
  • Get to the Pay N' Spray to lose your wanted level, otherwise you could be driving around for ages.

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First Posted: 19th Feb 2009

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