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Bad Standing

Ray Boccino says that he needs the Lost to work as a team to help him to keep earning money, so Johnny decides to pay Brian a visit and see what the problem is.

Brian's Safehouse
Make your way to the Southern end of Alderney to Brian's safehouse. I personally decided to try out one of the new features and called Clay for backup on my way. Johnny asked him that he feels selfish for dealing with Brian all on his own, and Clay says you're damn right he wants a piece of the action.

Once you reach the house you'll basically be told there are multiple ways to approach. If you got Clay and Terry with you, they'll go around to the back of the house. You'll then be told about launching a grenade through the window to cause the occupants to flee. I fired a rocket straight through and sure enough, a bunch of bikers came charging from the back.

Kill them, then run to the back of the building where Brian will try to escape on a bike. Splatter his guts across the floor, then you'll be told to get clear of the house. Drive a few hundred meters down the street and you'll be clear.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2000


Mission Tips

  • Calling Clay and Terry does appear to make this mission easier.
  • If you don't have a grenade launcher, try throwing a pipe bomb or firing an RPG through the window.
  • After the mission you'll get a text from Jim telling you the boys have fixed up Brian's safehouse and you can use it now.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 18th Feb 2009

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