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Ivan The Not So Terrible

Vlad tells you a man called Ivan is going to rob Roman, just so you have a reason to kill him because he's angered Mikhail Faustin.

Chase Him
Once outside, grab a vehicle and make your way towards Romans taxi rank. As you approach, Ivan will speed off, so chase him, staying as close as you can at all times.

Building Site
Eventually you'll reach a blocked off road, so get out of your car and run into the building site, chasing Ivan. Climb up the ladders all of the way to the top, then chase him along the roof tops. Be careful that you don't miss a jump, because falling from a roof of that hight will definitely kill you.

Kill Ivan or Let Him Live?
Chase him right along to the end of the rooftop and you'll be given a choice if you want to kill him or save him. Whether you kill him, or save him, you'll still call Vlad and tell him he's dead.

CHOICE 1: Save Ivan
If you save Ivan, you'll be able to meet him in the game slightly further as a Random Pedestrian, where he will ask you to do a mission for him, and you'll be paid for the job. A good way of earning a bit more cash.

CHOICE 2: Kill Ivan
If you kill him, you can watch as Ivan falls a few hundred feet to his gravity fuelled death on the pavement below. This is the last time you'll see him in the game and you won't unlock him as a random pedestrian.

The Choice Is Made
After making your choice, listen to the phone call with Vlad.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $200


Mission Tips

  • Although the game lets you make your own choice here, one choice is definitely better than the other. The only reason for choosing to kill him is to see him fall to his death, but saving him will give you an extra mission and some extra cash.

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First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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