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This Shit's Cursed

Jim tells Billy that the heroin you stole belonged to the Chinese, and they're pretty pissed off about it. Johnny suggests they get rid of it now before they get killed or arrested, and eventually Billy agrees.

Follow Billy
Join the pack and stay slightly behind it as Billy leads the way so you can pick up health or armour from the Lost logo on the road when it appears. Listen to the conversation that Billy, Jim, Brian and Johnny have, and once they reach the long freeway on the West side of Algonquin, Johnny will suggest they race to the meet.

As always, they're not very bothered about winning, so if you go flat out you'll win by a good 10 seconds or so, but it doesn't matter either way.

Sell Us Back Our Own Shit?
Once you arrive, a cutscene will kick in where Johnny gives the Chinese back their heroin and tells them they can pay for it, or go to war. They say in Liberty City, that's the same thing.

After the cutscene you're outside and you need to fight your way out of the compound. There are around three enemies on the upper levels in front of you, including the roof, and then about 5 in the yard area, behind various obstacles. They shouldn't pose too much of a threat if you use an automatic weapon and lock on with auto-aim.

Once they're dead, follow Jim up a ramp and along the side of the building. There'll be two more enemies at the corner of the roof, so shoot them off the side, then as you enter the next part of the building, you'll need to fight about 5 more. There are one or two on the wooden ramp, along with a health pack at the top if you need it, and then another three or four at ground level behind the pillars. Stay behind cover for this bit as their automatic pistols and shotguns can take quite a bit out of you, so go slow.

Move back outside and around the next corner where you'll have one guy sort of charging at you. Kill him before he gets a chance to open fire, and then make your way down onto the wooden walkway. There's one guy across the other side of the gap who should be your priority, then two guys downstairs who you should be able to pick off from above.

Head down the ladders, or rather, just drop down onto the floor below, and there may be two final enemies to kill. Once they're dead, head into the mission marker and a cutscene will kick in where the cops arrive and arrest Billy. Billy thinks Johnny set him up and he's not happy at all.

We're Coming, Brian
Johnny calls Brian and tells him what happened. Brian say's he's around the corner with the bikes, so follow Jim and make your way down to him. On the way, Jim tells you that because Billy is gone, you are now in charge of the Lost.

Speak to Brian by getting on your bike, and he'll tell you to make your way back to the club house. Stay close so you can hear what they are saying, then once you arrive, watch the cutscene where Brian accuses you of calling the police and getting Billy arrested.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • Move slow when fighting the chinese. Stay behind cover and pick them off one by one. Don't run straight out in front of them.
  • There's a health pack at the top of the wood in the second area you'll be fighting in.
  • Pick up weapons and ammo from all of the dead Chinese.
  • You are now the President of the Lost motorcycle club.
  • After the mission you'll have a new mission for Jim.
  • You'll also unlock a new icon on the map for "male" in Southern Algonquin.

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First Posted: 18th Feb 2009

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