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Clean Getaway

Vlad and Niko go for a nice walk together, before getting in a car parked near the train station. Vlad tells you he needs you to steal a special car for him. A silver Blista. He tells you that you'll be taking the train to the area where it is, so make your way into the train station and head upstairs. Wait by the platform for the train to arrive.

Your First Train Ride
Enter the train and you can use the special camera to view your journey, or just skip it completely. Once you arrive, you'll be told to find and take the silver Blista Compact, so head down from the platform and make your way towards it.

I Need This
As you approach, Niko will ask the guys standing around if the car belongs to Vlad. They aren't impressed and start fighting with you, so either fight back, or shoot them in the face. Your choice.

Car Wash
Once inside the car you'll need to head towards the lock up by following your GPS. Niko will call Vlad and tell him the vehicle is dirty though, so Vlad wants you to take it to the car wash first. Follow your new GPS information to the car wash.

Once you get there, park in the icon and watch as Niko has the car washed. Then you just need to get it to Vlad's lock up. Park the car in the garage.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $150


Mission Tips

  • You should hopefully still have a weapon from earlier missions which will make stealing the car an easy job. If not, commandeer a police car for 5 shotgun shells.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 29th Apr 2008

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