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Angels In America

Three members of the Angels of Death turn up at Billy's party asking what happened to the truce. Billy tells them he wasn't aware of a truce and kills one of the bikers.

What Truce?
After the cutscene, you'll get on a bike. Speed after the Angels and blast away at them with the sawed off shotgun. It shouldn't take too many shots to take out the bikers at the back, but the ones at the front might get a bit far ahead of you.

Keep chasing them through the tunnel and kill any bikers who are within range and eventually you'll catch up to the last biker. If your fellow Lost members haven't wiped him out, kill him.

Sensible Johnny K
Billy calls Johnny and asks if the Angels know there is a war on, but Johnny says no because he stopped them. Billy now wants you to meet him on Grummer Road. Make your way there following your GPS and once you arrive, listen to Jason tell you he's going to meet some Russian chick on firefly island... Might remind you of a mission from Niko's story.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $750


Mission Tips

  • The sawed off shotgun is great for drive-by's because of it's large hit radius.

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First Posted: 17th Feb 2009

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