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Clean And Serene

Johnny and his fellow Lost members leave the club house to pick up Billy from rehab.

I'm Clean
After the cutscene, you simply need to follow your GPS back to the Lost's clubhouse. Another cutscene will kick in once you arrive where Billy will ask Johnny to get his bike back.

Get My Bike!
Grab a bike and make your way to Bohan. Under the semi-constructed bridge is a chop shop. Johnny and Billy will talk to the guy there regarding the whereabouts of his bike, then mess up his face with a spinning bike wheel and a hammer. He tells you that the Angels of Death have Johnny's bike in North Algonquin.

Retrieving Stolen Possessions
Make your way to the yard where the Angels are hanging out. Once you arrive, there'll be about 8 enemies which you need to take out. You can either stay in cover and pick them off one by one, or you can just run straight towards them with the sawed off shotgun and blast them away.

Either way, once they're all dead, Billy will get on his bike and drive back to the club house. Follow him. You'll see a Lost logo appear on the road at certain points if you're close enough behind. Drive on top of this logo and your health, armour and bike health will increase.

Once you get back to the club house Billy will tell you he wants some 'hole'.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $750


Mission Tips

  • You can handbrake the bike's without spinning out like the cars usually do.
  • Grab any ammo from the dead Angels.
  • If you're running low on health, try staying behind cover.
  • After the mission, Jim will call you, unlocking missions from him. He'll also ask if you want to play air hockey at some point.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 17th Feb 2009

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