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Lost And Damned 100% Completion Checklist

swifty has completed 65 out of 65 objectives

Game Completion: 100%

Main Story Missions

Complete the main story, which will consist of all missions below.

Clean And Serene
Angels In America
It's War
Liberty City Choppers
Bad Cop Drop
Buyer's Market
Coming Down
Off Route
This Shit's Cursed
Hit The Pipe
End Of Chapter
Bad Standing
Heavy Toll
Marta Full Of Grace
Shifting Weight
Diamonds In The Rough
Roman's Holiday
Collector's Item
Was It Worth It?
Get Lost

Angus' Bike Theft Jobs

Complete all 10 Bike Theft jobs for Angus. Call Angus and select "Job" to start them.

Short Stay Parking
Delivery Boy's Hardship
Stripclub Hog
Get Off Your High Horse
Tattoo Parlor Lament
A Ride In The Park
Zorst Fumes
Take Out Liquor

Tom Stubbs' Dirty Laundry Jobs

Call Stubbs and use the "Job" option to start these missions.

First Impressions
Knowing Me, Knowing You
When The Blue Chips Are Down
Phone Ho'
Communication Breakdown

Friend Activities

You must take EITHER Clay or Terry ALL of the following activities. Both guys will come with you every time you do anything, so you can invite either one of them out. You only need to play one of them at pool etc. Effectively you only need to do these 7 objectives, regardless of who you go with.

Air Hockey
Strip Club

Random Pedestrians

Complete all three of these random pedestrian missions.

Malc #1
Malc #2
Dave Grossman


Complete all of the following objectives

Win a game of Arm Wrestling (against anyone)
Win a game of Pool (against anyone)
Win a game of Air Hockey (against anyone)
Win a game of Darts (against anyone)

Bike Races

You must win all 12 street races.

Tudor Docks
Alderney Industrial
Alderney City
North West Alderney
Alderney Beach
Alderney Casino
Park Circuit
Bohan Steps
Bohan Strip
Bohan Beach
Schottler Station


Search for the seagulls hidden around the city and destroy them with gunfire or explosions.

Find and exterminate all 50 Seagulls

Gang Wars

Take part and win at least 25 gang wars around the city.

Successfully complete 25 Gang Wars

Random Pic



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