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Pest Control

Jimmy will tell you he wants you to kill either Phil or Ray. He's going to think about who he wants you to ice and give you a call.

The Phone Call
In about a minute, he'll call you and tell you to pay Ray a little visit. Make your way to his place and park in the mission objective marker. You'll see Ray has a lot of bodyguards, and you need to take out everyone.

Highly Flammeable
Jimmy will tell you that Ray is stopping for gas, so simply tail him and his protection to the gas station, wait until both of the cars stop, and throw a grenade, fire an RPG, or shoot the petrol tanks until they explode and take out most of, if not all of the enemies. Then clean up those who are left with your gun. Simple.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $14,500


Mission Tips

  • You might wish to consider guying an RPG or some grenades before this mission. They certainly help to blow the petrol tanks up quicker.
  • Remember to tail the guys to the petrol station and murder them all when you're there, using the gas pumps as huge bombs.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 01st May 2008
Guide Views: 29130

Guide Comments

Comment by GreenStreetElite posted on 14th May 2008:

for this mission...around the corner you stop from the two cars will stop at some lights (every time) so get out your car and RPG the black car. after this, get back in your car and around the corner the other car will stop. park with quite a bit of distance between you and the other car and RPG that one too.

just remember you will not survive long getting out your car near any of the two cars, you'll die nearly instantly! so get some body armour before you attempt this mission!

Comment by bOnEs posted on 19th May 2008:

...just wait until they both reach the gas station... when they do, send an RPG in there and the entire place goes up in flames... destroying both cars, ray, and the thugs as well...

it's the easiest way to beat this mission because, there's no chasing down the other car... you can kill two birds with one stone... i mean with one RPG happy.gif ...

Comment by Hitman86 posted on 14th Jan 2009:

what i did is used the COMET car and shot out of the window both cars stopped at the first red light i didnt shoot at them until they got to the red light i shot one car up with the uzi and then i shot the second one up 15 seconds down the road mission over.i did this all while staying in the car no RPG. bust the window out and hit em with a old school drive bye

Comment by reform posted on 15th Jan 2009:

I used one of Pakie's bombs!

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