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Truck Hustle

Phil wants you to steal a truck from the Triads, loaded with some drugs which they think are haunted.

Chinese Take Away
Once you arrive, watch the short cutscene where the truck arrives, then you'll be told to steal it. There are plenty of enemies around this area, so pop up from your cover and pick them off one at a time. An Uzi will make easy work of the enemies closest to you, and an AK-47 or M4 will allow you to kill the further enemies. Once you've killed the closer enemies, I'd advise you to move in towards the rest of the enemies and get as close as you can, while staying behind cover.

Chase That Truck
After you take out all of the enemies at this end of the alley, the truck will try to escape. It'll drive off even if you snipe the driver in the head. You need to chase after it, and get to the mission objective marker behind it on foot. The best way to do this is to basically sprint after the truck as soon as you've killed the last few enemies. Once you reach the yellow arrow, you'll trigger a cutscene where Niko hangs on.

Button Mashing
Once you're on, you'll need to tap the run button repeatedly to climb onto the roof. Crawl to the front of the cab, using the forward analog stick, and pull back on the stick when the truck goes around a corner to make Niko stay in position. Keep crawling until you're at the front of the truck and Niko will swing into the cap and eventually kill the driver.

Phone Phil
He'll then phone Phil who will tell you the truck is a present for his nephew. Make your way to the mansion by following your GPS. Once you arrive, park it in the objective marker in front of the garages.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $11,000


Mission Tips

  • If you're having trouble catching the truck, try parking a car in the alley way where the truck escapes. It'll sometimes get stuck and you'll avoid the chase.
  • Phil will call you after the mission unlocking the Assassination Missions from a payphone in Alderney. This will appear on your map as a sniper crosshair.
  • You'll also receive another call from Phil unlocking missions for Jimmy Pegorino.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 01st May 2008
Guide Views: 26630

Guide Comments

Comment by The Foo posted on 27th May 2008:

If you park your car side ways in the alley the truck tries to escape from the driver often gets stck and you avoid the protracted chase and just have to jump on the back of the truck.

Comment by Daynyth posted on 21st Jul 2008:

On this mission, when i got to the front of the truck, and smashed through the window, the guy driving hit a post.

Is this supposed to happen, cause it would have been a lot cooler if you shot him out while the truck was still going.

Comment by mikam99 posted on 20th Jul 2009:

There is a very easy way to do this mission: Instead of getting involved in the shootout, simply stand up and climb the fence behind you. Walk around the buildings and wait where the truck exits the alley. Now you can simply jump on to it without beeing shot at more than a few times when you were climbing the fence. Piece of cake smile.gif

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