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Three Leaf Clover

Packie introduces you to his brothers. Once everyone gets to know each other, it's time to rob a bank. Just like that...

Bank Me Off
Grab a four seater vehicle and pick up the guys. Once they're in the car, make your way to the bank by following your GPS. Once you arrive, head inside and watch the cutscene that looks like it's come straight out of a movie. Once the safe's been blown open, you need to head downstairs and get the money.

Making A Withdrawal
Once that's done, you'll see another Hollywood-esque cutscene where the cops surround the place. Head to the doorway and fire off some shots at the cops outside using an assault rifle. After you've taken a few of the closer cops out, Packie and the guys will run around the corner to the right into an alley. The area is infested with cops, so take some cover behind whatever objects are available to you and take out all of the cops in the alleyway. Cover is vitally important to you if you don't want to end up dead.

Once the first batch of cops are taken care of, head down the alley and kill a bunch more to both ends of the street. You can take cover behind one of the police cars. Make sure you zoom in with the M4 Carbine, and try to get headshots to save ammo. Remember to reload whenever you get a chance to save you from having to do it in the middle of a firefight.

China Town Shootout
Once these cops are dead, Packie will tell you to head down the street. Make your way across the road, firing at the cops who are close enough to pose a threat, then go into the back streets of China Town. Take cover against the wall and fire at the two or three cop cars which have just arrived. Keep emptying bullets into them until they're all gone. Firing at the car and making that blow up is a quick way to clear them out but it'll take a fair amount of ammo.

Move further down the street and take cover again. Kill all of the cops in close proximity, then when you get the chance, run to the end of the street. Take cover against the wall and fire at the cops in the road blocks to either side. When it feels safe, sprint across the street and into the alleyway.

Airborne Attack!
You'll see a cutscene where you escape from a chopper by moving into the subway. Head down to the ticket machine area, killing two or three cops as you go. No doubt you'll be low on health by now, so stay in a lot of cover. You'll need to kill about 10 cops before it'll be safe enough to head down to the platform, but Packie and Derrick will take out a fair few. Fire at those you can hit, then once they're all dead, go through the gate.

To The Platform
You'll find a health pack stuck to one of the pillars up here, so grab it, then head down the stairs to the platform. Take cover against the support pillars and shoot at the cops on the other side of the platform. After a few of them are down, Packie will tell you to run into the subway tunnel. Once you get a hundred yards or so along it, you'll need to turn around and kill a good twenty or so cops who are trying to pin you down.

Packie and Derrick will run off down the tunnel, so make sure you follow them, and head off the tracks and up into the next platform. Go into the door and grab the health pack from the wall if you need it, then head upstairs to street level.

Escape The Cops!
More cops will show, and you'll need to find a four seater car again. Luckily there's a Huntley parked right outside the station entrance on the road. Break into it and steal it, then make your way to the bridge. Follow your GPS to get you there, then run the road block and speed across the bridge. If you're lucky, about half way across you'll be out of the wanted radius and you can sit still for a few seconds to lose your wanted level. Now just make your way back to Packie's Ma's house.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $250,000


Mission Tips

  • Stock up on health and armour before this mission. You WILL need it.
  • Pick up weapons from dead cops only if they're close enough to do so.
  • During the China Town and alley way shoot outs be sure to check some of the side alleys. You will find bits of wood on the floor that are covering steps down to cellar doors. Stand on the wood to fall through and land on some first aid.
  • Keep an eye on Packie. He'll usually run off and leave you, so make sure you don't get left too far behind or the cops will overwhelm you.
  • After the mission you'll receive a load of calls and texts unlocking Gerry and Derrick McReary's mission sets.
  • Alderney Island is fully unlocked and can be accessed via bridge without getting a wanted level.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 30th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 84503

Guide Comments

Comment by Lee posted on 04th May 2008:

During the China Town and alley way shoot outs be sure to check some of the side alleys. You will find bits of wood on the floor that are covering steps down to cellar doors. Stand on the wood to fall through and land on some first aid.

Comment by Zankou posted on 07th May 2008:

Do not run to far ahead of Packie and Derrick, for some reason they'll stop running and you'll have to go back and get them. Specifically I lost Packie in the subway tunnel.

Comment by glowworm posted on 08th May 2008:

when running down the subway tunnel, stay on the left side.

last night i had full health and 3/4 armor i started running down the tunnel and noticed that packie and derrick were walking backwards and shooting so i thought i'd do the same. i turned around guns blazing and walking backwards thnen, whammo, train. dead. and then it was bed time. (obviously if you're doing this stay to your right.)

Comment by ILTS posted on 27th May 2008:

This was probably the most epic mission I've ever played. When you're coming down the main streets of Chinatown, look up, theres swat team members on the stair wells that'll be firing at you as you're walking. Make sure to stock up on armor and if you play your cards right you should have about half armor as your coming out of the subway station. At the end, don't kill any cops, just break into the SUV outside and start driving away following the way point on the mini-map. Like in OP's post, you'll end up outside of the police's radius after you pass under the Algonquin bridge, sit there and let your heart calm, then drive safely home. Also, when you're running down the main street and there's police cars on your right, and left and in front of you, shoot a couple of the cops on your right, free aim and shoot at the police car on your left, it'll explode easily, run over, take cover in the small alley way on the right, aim and head shot the swat members making their way over. It's important to be on the right because the swat team will move to the alleyway on the left where Packie and Derrick are located, giving you easy kills.

Comment by .D. posted on 06th Jun 2008:

If, like me, you have real trouble loosing the cops - go to the airport and lap around the runways for a bit. It is much easier to lose here, even with the one star increase.

Comment by Skinny. posted on 07th Jun 2008:

Packie and Derick don't die so good. When your on the subway platform and it's difficult to kill the NOOSE members, just go and hide behind the vending machine and wait for Packie and Derick to kill them all before advancing.

Comment by §ynch posted on 07th Jun 2008:

QUOTE(Lee @ May 4 2008, 04:54 PM) [snapback]1430398[/snapback]
During the China Town and alley way shoot outs be sure to check some of the side alleys. You will find bits of wood on the floor that are covering steps down to cellar doors. Stand on the wood to fall through and land on some first aid.

Exactly. There are more than 4 health kits that spawn specifically for this mission.
Alley, subway, stairs, cellars, etc. that are mission-specific.

There is also mission-specific armor available early on in this mission.
It's laying in the street, behind the bank.

If you don't enter the mission start marker,
but just drive around the bank building, you'll see it.

Basically when you exit the bank and follow the boys, take a left half way down the alley.
That way you can come up behind, and grab the armor before the cop car parks on it.

If you fight through the first alley, there will be a cop car parked on top of the armor.

It is easy to use your Rocket Launcher on the cop cars at either end of the street,
during the first alley battle. Distance provides safety in using the RPG.

Comment by chipite posted on 15th Jun 2008:

i had a hard time doing this aswell. What i did is after i shoot all the cops and went to make a run for it. As you go up thr stairs i rang Kiki and got her to lose the wanted level. That was it job done! just had to take the crew back home. And now its opened up 3rd island--wicked

Comment by NiggaMan posted on 17th Jun 2008:

I beat this mission first try. My health was all the way down, to lose the cops I just ran through the subway until I had lost them, Then came back up, Easy mission, very very fun. Best mission I played

Comment by King Boo posted on 14th Jul 2008:

When I did this mission, the wanted level did not vanish until after I neared Packie's house. I followed the waypoint to his house, running three roadblocks. Just before I got to Packie's house, the wanted circle finished, so I went across the park and stopped in the street on the other side. Once the police stopped searching, I calmly drove the short distance back.

Comment by firebird999 posted on 06th Sep 2008:

this is the first completely tactical mission that has to be taken step by step, no exceptions. don't rush ahead at all, it'll only cost you.

Comment by tigga1369 posted on 26th Sep 2008:

Packie and Derrick don't die? Derrick dies likes hes an 80 yr old on a respirator...
he's the only reason i have not finished this mission yet

Comment by Assassinator posted on 13th Oct 2008:

i really think that this mission was the hardest out of all of them, the very last mission of your choice is second, not much shooting and more pursuiting

also, cops wont fire at you unless you make yourself noticable, ONLY shoot out the cops that have the little blip on them, the other cops are less dangerous and if you sprint past them, they wont have the aim or interest at firing DIRECTLY at you, they dont put lead on their guns so as you pass them the bullets will pass behind you

this is also the perfect time to make use of grenades, stock up and buy as many as you can, there is no such thing as "conservation" in this mission. also stock up on shotgun and Micro SMG

Note: only use this tactic if you know anything about range...

when you leave the bank ONLY use your M4 here, any other gun is worthless and time wasting, after clearing out the ally way from the bank to the subway tunnel will you only use your M4.

in the subway where the ticket stands are and the platfrom, use your Shotgun to clear out enemies in 1-2 shots, other guns will use 1-5 (headshots=1). shotgun is for breaching and Close Quarters Combat.

when you jump down to the rail tracks, use your Micro SMG, it has a higher rate of fire (faster than the SMG's) and boasts a 50 round stick magazine, the 50 round magazine makes up for the power, but it still does 1-3 reticules per bullet. clear out all the cops, BEWARE of the NOOSE soldier that will not die, shoot gim a few time to get him on the ground then RUN!!! NOOSE wont follow you down the tunnel

after all that the gun part is done, no more shooting unless you fall out of your car, police will pursuit you with a 3 star wanted level, for some reason when getting out of the tunnel you drop to a 3 star wanted level

Comment by Ocar posted on 05th Jan 2009:

I passed this mission on my first try with max health, no armor and only using the M4. I only had to take a first aid kit once. The hardest bit I thought was getting rid of the cops, because I don't want to spend money on Pay'n'Spray! But I eventually got rid of them. Had to change car in the middle of the cop chase, though! tongue.gif

Comment by FR3NZY posted on 13th Jan 2009:

BEST ROBBERY MISSION in GTA history no contest

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