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Final Interview

McReary wants you to get yourself an interview with Goldberg, Ligner and Shyster so that you can steal some files from Tom Goldberg.

PART 1: Submit Your Resume
After the cutscene, make your way to an internet cafe. Once you log onto the internet, you'll be told to click on their link in the advert in the middle of the page, or enter their website address. Click on the link, then visit their careers page. Once there, click on Submit Resume, and then accept the resume and click submit once again. A message will be displayed saying they will call you soon, so exit the computer and leave the internet cafe.

Now you must wait for a call from the Law Offices.

PART 2: The Call
After a minute or two, you will receive a call stating that your interview will be tomorrow. This will be saved in your phone planner. Niko will then call McReary and let him know about the plan.

You'll need to head to Perseus in Algonquin to buy a suit and some nice shoes, then wait for midday (or whatever time the interview is) to approach and take a cab or drive to the Lawyers.

PART 3: Executing The Plan
Head into the building and speak to Karen, the receptionist. She will speak to Tom Goldberg, who will invite you into his office. Follow the receptionist and she will take you to his office.

Knife Him
Once you're sat in the seat listening to Goldberg blabber on, you'll be told that you need to kill him. There's a few ways to do this, however the most effective is to use a knife. Get up, quickly switch to a knife, walk around to him and slash him a few times until he's dead. This won't make any noise, and if you did it without alerting anyone, you can grab the files and literally walk out of the building.

Doing It The Hard Way
If you opt to shoot him, or take too long to kill him, you'll most likely have a large gun battle on your hands, involving plenty of security guards, as well as a decent wanted level too. The top floor doors will be locked so you'll need to head around to the back of the building on the bottom floor, killing enemies as you go. Once you get outside, you'll need to find a car and escape your wanted level.

Either way, once you're outside and free from any police, you'll be told to head to McReary's police department offices to give him the files, so head there now.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $1000


Mission Tips

  • You should, without a doubt, go for the knife technique of killing Goldberg as it makes the mission so much easier.
  • If you're going to go in all guns blazing then you better have body armour and ammo, because there's a pretty big gun battle following Goldberg's murder.
  • For a quick escape, you can smash the window behind Goldberg's desk and simply jump out.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 30th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 35195

Guide Comments

Comment by joeymayhem posted on 01st May 2008:

if you stealth kill him using the knife and walk out there are no wanted levels to deal with much easier

Comment by Wallace posted on 01st May 2008:

In his office you can also smash the window and jump out.

Comment by yadoso posted on 08th May 2008:

I just stabbed the guy and jumped out the window. No stars, no hassle.

Comment by Grand Theft Moped posted on 10th May 2008:

QUOTE(yadoso @ May 8 2008, 09:21 PM) [snapback]1432770[/snapback]
I just stabbed the guy and jumped out the window. No stars, no hassle.

I stabbed the guy and walked out the front door same way I came in

also no hassle

Comment by Dirty Scarab posted on 14th Jun 2008:

Seems I did it the hard way. No knife so no subtle kill. The walkthrough above makes it out to be way harder than it actually is.
I shot the lawyer. The receptionist immediately started running around like a lunatic and the security guys were alerted.
It was pretty easy because the security is low level: fat guys with pistols. When you make your way to the bottom floor, a few real cops will make their way thru the two doors and shoot at you, but you just kill 'em and rush thru the door and grab one of the many abandoned cop cars. At this point you need to shake off a 3 star wanted level, but you're pretty close to the pay n' spray...

Comment by KoreyKo posted on 19th Jun 2009:

The problem is finding the fucking place dry.gif

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