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Hostile Negotiation

Mallorie calls you and explains that she heard Roman owed some Russians some money and that she thinks he's been kidnapped.

Rescue Mission
She tells you to get to the warehouse where Roman is being held, so make your way there now. On your way, Dimitri will send you a photo of Roman behind held at gunpoint. You can call Dimitri right after this to hear Niko shouting obscenities at him, such as how he's going to cut off his face and stick it on his wall.

Make your way to the warehouse, and when you arrive, make your way inside the compound. Take cover as soon as you go inside. The Russians will ambush you. Fire from cover at all times until you've taken out the 10 or so guys in the bottom floor of this area.

Slowly But Surely
When everything looks safe, move out and pick up some health and ammo. Plenty more enemies will appear around the first floor, so pick them off, and use all of the cover available to you.

Make your way up the stairs when everyone is dead, and kill the few extra enemies up here. Make your way along the platform and climb the stairs up to the second floor.

So Close, But So Far Away
Take out all of the enemies on this floor. There is plenty of cover for you, so go slow and make every shot count. As you go, watch out for explosive barrels. The enemies will shoot them and you'll be blown half way across the warehouse to your death. There'll be three guys on the support beam for the roof to your left, to kill them and any other soldiers on that floor, then head up the stairs onto the next platform

There'll be about three guys to kill directly ahead of the stairs, and two more to kill on the roof of the factory to the left. Use cover and kill them all with your AK-47 or SMG, then once they're dead, make your way along the walkway and kill the guy to the right of the entrance to the final toom.

Make Every Shot Count
Once everyone is dead and you walk towards the end of the room, a guy will pop up from behind some metal with a gun to Roman's head. You need to shoot the guy in the head while avoiding Roman. Take your aim using free-aim, zoom in, then shoot when you're positive the bullet is going to miss Roman and hit the enemy.

Take Me Home
If you pull it off, you're free. You can make your way outside via the fire escape stairway, then get in the car and make your way to the safe house. There are no more enemies after you rescue Roman, so take your time and get back safe.

Mission Passed!


Mission Tips

  • There are plenty of weapons to pick up here, and I'm sure you don't need me to remind you to get them.
  • You'll find a health pack on the bottom floor of the warehouse, and these will respawn every minute or so, therefore it's a good idea to head back down and collect it when you get a chance. This may not always respawn however.
  • You'll find plenty of armour pick ups too, but it's always a good idea to start the mission with full armour anyway.
  • The SMG or the AK-47 are an absolute must for this mission, so stock up on ammo.
  • Remember to stay away from those explosive barrels. Shoot them from a distance to make sure an enemy can't shoot it as you walk past.
  • It's easier to shoot the guy in the head with Roman using an AK-47 because of it's immense zoom.
  • When driving Roman back to his apartment, plan your route carefully and go through the gate to exit the compound. Driving the wrong way and crashing into an explosive barrel will blow you to smithereens.

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First Posted: 30th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 28565

Guide Comments

Comment by Roman posted on 02nd May 2008:

When you are making your way up the floors, enemies will pop up out of no where it seems. Watch out for them behind you at all times, and be ready to turn around and fire. (enemies that spawn behind are usually a floor up). I am not sure if these enemies spawn when you get to a certain point of the warehouse or if they just don't shout you when you are below them. But keep an eye out anyways.

Also, take advantage of grenades you may have saved from an earlier mission to take out many enemies at once when they are in cover.

Comment by P K posted on 18th May 2008:

It's MUCH easier (although a little slow) to just go to the back of the building, take the stairs and shoot everyone from there (be careful though, there's one enemy outside on the second or third floor). The boarded-up windows have small openings in them and you can manage to kill almost everyone inside without taking much damage, or any at all.

Comment by ILTS posted on 18th May 2008:

Watch out at the end. My friend and I beat it first try but on the way out we accidentally tapped one of the rockets encased in a metal square which caused the car to blow up killing both Niko and Roman wacko.gif

Comment by hostilenegotiationshelper posted on 23rd May 2008:

OK if you just seriously cant finish this mission then use this strategy.

SPAWN A ANNIHILATOR HELICOPTER - the code is 3595550100
FLY THE HELICOPTER ON TOP THE BUILDING - this saves you having to go through 4 sets of level with over 50 men.
LAND THE HELI AND GET OUT- get out and jump onto the 4th floor and take out everyone there.
GO INTO THE ROOM ON YOUR FAR RIGHT WHERE ROMAN IS - there is a person inside watining to ambush you so be careful, you might want to throw a nade i before you go in to take him out.



no seriously thats how i did it about 2-3 tries which took aroound 5 mins for each one. much faster instead of doing the whole fuken mission.

Comment by Jimothey posted on 02nd Jun 2009:

As with a couple of posts above please do be careful of the barrels and boxes.
I made the mistake of driving straight ahead and to the right, towards where you enter the warehouse, which was next to impossible to drive through without getting blown up.
If you turn to your left as soon as you enter the car, there is a drive way/alley you can drive through to the gates, which open really easily as you drive through them, it hasn't got barrels strewn all over to blow you up.
Also, you hear a police call to the warehouse, but you won't get a wanted level. Just drive safe and calmly to the safehouse, and all will be good.

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