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The Snow Storm

Elizabeta and Jacob are fighting because Elizabeta blames him for being ripped off in a deal. She wants you to head down to the old hospital and get her coke back.

The Objective
The drugs are somewhere inside, and your objective is to head into the old hospital, kill everyone that gets in your way (in other words 'everyone'), and get the drugs back.

Hospital Compound
Make your way towards the hospital compound. As you approach the parked car, kill the two or three guys to the left of the entrance. You'll then need to kill a few guys on the top floor. Go to the window and aim through. This will allow you to kill the few enemies left in the first room.

Planning For The Getaway
Before going into the building, you should plan for the future. Grab a vehicle, preferably one which will handle fairly well, and park it outside near to the entrance doorway. When you get out, try to keep the door open by running in the opposite direction as you get out. This getaway vehicle will prove to be very useful later in the mission.

Move In
Move into the hall way. Kill the guy to the right, then shoot the explosive barrel and take out the few enemies further down the hall. Once they're dead, head on through. Kill all of the enemies from close range, which shouldn't be too much of a problem, then move into the room where the drugs are being kept and kill the final two guys in here.

It's A Raid!
Once you pick them up and contact Jacob, the cops will be storming the place. You now need to fight your way out of there, and then somehow lose them.

Grab the body armour and head back through the hallways, the way you came before. Use auto-aim to kill any police who appear, usually about 5 or 6 in the hallways, then once you make it back to the entrance room, sprint past any cops here and get in the car you should have parked before.

Speed through the car park, follow the road to the left then go up and across the bridge. Make your way to the Pay N' Spray. Try pausing the game and setting a waypoint for either of the Pay N' Spray's in Algonquin then speed there and try to partially lose the tail. If the cops see you go into the Pay N' Spray, you won't lose your wanted level, so take them on an offroad tour until they're some distance behind. Once you feel safe, pull into the Pay N' Spray and lose your wanted level.

Once you've lost your stars, Niko will phone Jacob. Jacob tells you to meet him with the drugs, so make your way across the bridge and head to Chase Point.

She's A Rat!
During the cutscene you'll find out that Michelle is actually a government spy who has been watching you since you arrived. She takes the drugs off you but lets you walk free.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $2500


Mission Tips

  • Ensure you have full health and armour before attempting this mission.
  • Make sure there's a car parked outside for a quick getaway.
  • There is a ladder at the back of the hospital which you can use to attack the gang members from above.
  • You'll find health, ammo and armour packs scattered across the building.
  • The best advice for escaping the cops is to just run straight past them and get a car, then high tail it out of there.
  • You may be able to find a boat in the water next to the broken fence which will allow you another escape route.
  • Remember the Pay N' Spray won't accept cop cars, so if you're planning a road-based escape, take a civilian car.

Guide Stats & Info
First Posted: 29th Apr 2008
Guide Views: 62527

Guide Comments

Comment by Nirvlime posted on 03rd May 2008:

Actually, I think the best way to lose the cops in this mission is to not even bother with the cars or cops. As soon as the cut scene ends run out of the hospital as quickly as possible and then dash through the broken part of the gate and jump right into the water. There's a boat waiting for you right there.

Comment by DuffMan posted on 05th May 2008:

A safer way to get rid of the gang members when you arrive at the hospital is to walk around the back. You'll see a ladder which takes you up to the second level of the building. From here you can easily take out the guys on the top, and you can shoot the explosive canisters at the bottom to remove groups of enemies at a time. Not only is this method almost guaranteed to save you from losing any health, it also allows you to conserve ammunition if you're using an assault rifle.

Comment by Niko Bellic 01 posted on 05th May 2008:

I think that parking the Bobcat near the door is not such a good idea due to its VERY bad handling which will most likely get you killed. you will crash a lot due to the constant ramming of the police cars chasing you. You will end up having to ditch the car which is risky with all the cops chasing you. Instaead I recomend fingd a car you are comfortable with first then drive it to the hospital, and kill the guys in front of the door before you park the car in front so the car does not get messed up. then when you get outside you have a quick getaway. Make sure you have the appropriate weapons too before the mission. A shotgun and rifle should do fine and some armour.

Comment by Van Hel Singh posted on 08th May 2008:

I found that the key to this mission is "in and out." Take your time on the gang criminals. Try hard not to lose any life. I personally sniped the two guys at the enterance. Use cover by the door and take out the guys in the initial room. Clear the corridor and 2nd floor. If you are finding this part too difficult. The ladder around the back is useful. Most people die when trying to escape. Entering with armor is useful, then renew your armor inside the old hospital. It is found near the package.

Escaping the building is easily the most difficult part of this mission. You have to be quick. Move into the corridor and move quickly, manually aiming is useful. Kill any enemies in your way. Once you have cleared the corridor, there is an awkard room, from where you made your enterance. Clear this room with your machine gun, aim for headshots, nice and quick. After this room, run and gun towards the bobcat outside.

The actual escape isn't that difficult itself, losing the cops is easy after you've found a pay 'n' spray.

Comment by PabloHoneyOle posted on 08th May 2008:

I took my time with the crooks in the hospital. I initially assaulted the guards outside, crashed a car against the building and shot it up, causing an explosion which killed a few guards inside the hospital walls. I was running low on ammo so I left the hospital and the area completely and went and collected a few hidden guns and some extra ammo for the guns I had and finished the assault. The hardest thing was escaping the walls of the hospital. I only killed like 2 cops and just hauled ass out of there. I had no problem losing the cops.

After I lost the cops before I went and met [spoiler]Little Jacob and that snitchwhore Michelle[/spoiler], I had to stop and get a hotdog, I had virtually no life left.

Comment by daghastlybeast posted on 14th May 2008:

Whoever said this before is right:

This mission is fairly easy if you just go in and take your time killing the crooks, keep full health and armor, and then when the cops come, just sprint out and get in a car as fast as you can. You'll easily have a quarter or half your life left without having to try to kill the cops. Then it's not even very hard to escape the cops.

Comment by The Foo posted on 15th May 2008:

Try going around back and squat by the big tree. Snipe a few bad guys and then move around front and do the same. Then around the other side to the ladder. After getting all you can from above, you can jump down and take out the last couple. By then the cops are coming. Leave the building and grab a car from the parking lot. Loose these cops. Then go back for the stash. When you do SWAT shows up but there are way fewer of them then if you grab the blow when the first set of cops come. Just dispatch the SWATies and then loose your wanted level with ease.

Comment by JosephLive93 posted on 17th May 2008:

QUOTE(Nirvlime @ May 3 2008, 05:54 PM) [snapback]1429497[/snapback]
Actually, I think the best way to lose the cops in this mission is to not even bother with the cars or cops. As soon as the cut scene ends run out of the hospital as quickly as possible and then dash through the broken part of the gate and jump right into the water. There's a boat waiting for you right there.

Dude that helped soo much, there are police on the water, but they are easy to get rid of them.

Comment by dave2752 posted on 17th May 2008:

this mission was a bitch, i spent about $20,000 in health care for it. I finally did it by just running in the place. climbing the ladder. taking out all but the 2-3 guards at the front door(important) then get the health and/or armor and skipped the cutscene. I run out of the place as quick as possible not even shooting anyone. the cops were busy with the 2-3 guards. i grab the first truck i saw(its closest to the hospital) then drove the the nearest pay n spray

Comment by ILTS posted on 18th May 2008:

I found this on a random site from google (I think it was gamestop?) and the guy had a very good guide thing.

After you take the cocaine, grab the armor and run to the back room where theres the wooden spool-shaped object. Jump on top of it and move forward while jumping. You'll get on to the top banisters and you can walk across it and then jump to the window. From there you can run back, shoot the policeman that is taking cover behind the blown-up car, and fall to the dock's platform and high-tail it out of there on the boat.

Comment by King Boo posted on 25th May 2008:

It took me 10 times to pass this one. The first time I did it, I killed all people in before the cops arrived, and ended up going into a protracted firefight and died. I did various combinations w/o success, then I read this guide. I failed several times still, as the cops still fired on me as well as the gang members I left living at the front door and corridor. I had trouble finding the front entrance and mostly got stuck in rooms, where I died. I eventually got through by doing the below:
I ran around to the back of the hospital where the ladder is, leaving the people outside and inside the front standing. Climbed up the ladder, then shot all people around the back. Picked up the armor, AK47, and bag with coke. I left all people in the corridor also alone. After the cutscene, I quickly ran down the corridor and out the front, and killing only one cop in the process. They were still firing at me and the other people, but I survived by luck. I then jacked the 4-wheel drive parked at the front of the building and high-tailed for quite some time to loose the 3-star wanted level. The 4-wheel drive crashed and blew up outside an apartment block, so I quickly ran to the back and jacked a car, and then eventually lost the police.
So, the most important thing is leave all people at the front entrance and corridor alive, so they can keep the cops busy while you're high-tailing out of harms way.

Comment by ViceMan posted on 26th May 2008:

It was quite easy on my second play through. Kill all the goons before you collect the coke, then immediately after the cutscene run to cover behind where the second medpack is, from there you can fire straight down the main corridor and take out any NOOSE or cops that come through. Just remember to watch the radar for blips getting near you, also take note of the explosive canisters in the halls, use them to take out multiple enemies at once. When all the cops are done with it's a simple run to the nearest police car and an easy getaway.

The boat getaway technique didn't seem to work too well, as i couldn't seem to outrun the predators and helicopter, I found the technique I used to be the easiest.

Comment by gamesjunkie posted on 27th May 2008:

Well this mission took me acouple of tries to do but in the end I got there and I was pretty pleased. The only thing that you have to make sure is that you have alot of ammo and some armour whichwill save your life. As some people have alreaady mentioned around the back of the hospital there is a ladder which will take you up to the first floor of the old hospital. Now, what I did was not take out any of the men at the main enterance of the hospital (this is quite an important thing to do).
From that point on I slowly made my way around to the back of the building towards the ladder.

Once up on to the first floor take out the three men that are up there with you, one will be directly before you and you will see him when you are climbing up the ladder. The other two will be over the far side of the building. Now, every other gang member will be underneath you, so to take them out just aim for the canisters that you will see (the red ones) and then stand back a little bit as the explosion is wild!

Now, if this is doen right you will be left with only the guards at the front of the building and in the very first room. Jump down from the floor that you are on and locate the room which contains the drugs. When you pick them up you will then enter a cutscene where Niko will give Jacob a call. The N.O.O.S.E are on their way to the building and you will soon notice on your mini map that the place in crawling with them. Here is where you have to be qucik, run straigh down the main hall and take out the very few cops that get in your way. Remember that the gang members whom you left at the beginning of the mission will be taking fire at the cops which gives you time to get out of there with out taking much damage to yourself.

Once outside again make your way towards the back of the uilding again but as you do this you will notice a gap in the fence, so take it quickly and then jump in to the water. As you do this you will notice that there is a Jetmax in the way. Get in it and then speed down the river south (the direction which the boat it facing). Once you are out of the zone your wanted level will go and you can then make your way back to shor, as you do this you will call Jacob and he will tell you where to go next. Take teh coke back to him and from this point onwards you will see another twist in the plotline in the cutscene. biggrin.gif

Comment by Eros posted on 06th Jun 2008:

the easiest way i found to beat this mission was first go to Faustin crib and cop the the turismo (it's fast and has great handles) in the drive-way...go to the hospital and back it in as close as u can to the opening of the old hospital (for when u escape)...take out the gangsters, scoop the coke, and basically sprint to the turismo, put a waypoint to spray shop and really just focus on following the green path...i didn't too much worry about the cops, just try to keep them behind you and you're home free.

Comment by Gelly posted on 04th Aug 2008:

Doing the mission in the following way might spare you some trouble.

    Make sure you've got full health and armor.
    Kill the guys at the entrance using the sniper, then walk around the building and kill all the guards you see (still using the sniper).
    Put an escape car outside the entrance.
    Now go in and clear the building, if you take it calm you shouldn't loose any health/armor.
    When the cops arrive: take cover in the "cokeroom" (stay behind the box in front of the door).
    Use the shotgun to take out any cops you see in the hallway.
    After a while you should've killed most of them and can walk off to your escape car (grab the bodyarmor if you need).
    Loose youre wanted level.

Comment by Jasonhh posted on 03rd Apr 2009:

I thought I would never get past this mission. I couldn't even find my way out of the hospital and kept getting lost. Took me a few tries. I just climbed the ladder in the back, didn't even worry about the bikers, and did some serious running and jumping to runaway from those damn cops.

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